Anodized aluminum that is old, dull & dingy, dirty & grimy, soiled, white chalky faded, streaked, polluted, deteriorated and contaminated is unprotected and requires anodized aluminum refinishing and anodized aluminum restoration.We specialize in anodized aluminum remedial maintenance, anodized aluminum restoration, anodized aluminum cleaning and anodized aluminum washing.
York Property Company cleans, repairs, maintains, restores, paints and refinishes damaged, stained, pitting, dirty, rusting, scratched, faded and oxidized anodized aluminum, painted aluminum, painted steel and stainless steel.

We fix, clean and refurbish anodized aluminum deterioration on chalked, faded, pitted, acid etched, chemically stained, bleached, oxidized and sun light / u.v. ray damaged anodized aluminum finishes.
We get off of anodized aluminum iron oxide rust deposits; repair damaging anodized aluminum chemical cleaning procedures.
Anodized aluminum finishes are contaminated, discolored, tarnished and damaged by lime, gray mineral & white calcium deposit staining; green algae, black mold & mildew stains; chlorine, white efflorescence salt air corrosion & caustic salt water.
Anodized aluminum deteriorates with exposure to acid rain and pollutants; wind driven debris; wear & tear; damp conditions; chlorine, fog, moisture, heat and humidity; and weathering stains. We restore pitted, corroded, deteriorated and oxidized anodized aluminum finishes.
To protect exterior anodized aluminum surface finishes, anodized aluminum requires anodized aluminum cleaning and anodized aluminum preventive maintenance washing.
Damaging, corrosive, acidic and caustic environmental contaminants negatively affect anodized aluminum oxidation resistance, anodized aluminum corrosion protection and anodized aluminum surface preservation.

York Property Company Case Studies:

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Case Study 71 - Sun Damaged & Bleached Painted Aluminum Window Frame Refinishing

Refurbish old paint without painting. Painted aluminum entrance canopy cleaning, restoring, maintaining and refinishing.

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Condition:  The original brown paint coating on the painted aluminum cladding at this residential condominium building had faded. The paint pigment was sun damaged, oxidized, chalked and bleached. There was a chalky residue on the paint finish. The rich color, satin sheen and luster had weathered. The condition of the paint was not acceptable for the luxury condominium. The condominium owners wanted the paint finish clean, renewed and restored. They did not want us to paint over the old paint as the factory finish was sound. They requested that we refurbish the faded paint, remove the chalky residue and restore the underlying paint pigment.

York Property Company Solution:  To clean, rejuvenate and protect the factory paint finish from further deterioration, we refurbished the painted aluminum surfaces original paint finish with our painted aluminum restoration cleaning and reconditioning system. We had to get the corrosion off of the sun damaged, weathered, dull, dingy, deteriorated paint and remove the oxidation, staining and etching from the chalky paint finish. The clean paint pigment was renewed and the new color and sheen matched the original paint gloss. When the old paint was refinished the painted aluminum panels were clean and restored to the original paint condition.

Case Study 72 - Stained & Oxidized Anodized Aluminum Column Cover Refinishing

We specialize in anodized aluminum preventive maintenance, anodized aluminum refinishing, anodized aluminum power washing and anodized aluminum pressure cleaning.
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Condition:  This clear anodized aluminum clad building is located in downtown Toronto. Automobile exhaust, street grime, winter salt, pollution, dirt and chemicals had attacked the anodized aluminum finishes. The silver gray anodized aluminum column cover cladding was dirty, stained, oxidized and contaminated. The anodized aluminum was never cleaned or maintenance washed properly to remove all of the corrosive particulate that had accumulated on the anodized aluminum surfaces. To improve the appearance of the anodized aluminum, management wanted the anodized aluminum cleaned and washed. As well, the anodized aluminum finishes had to be protected from winter salt damage, pollution, dirt and street level grime.

York Property Company Solution:  The anodized aluminum commercial building column cover cladding required our dirty anodized aluminum metal cleaning and stained anodized aluminum refinishing expertise to clean, refurbish and restore the anodized aluminum column covers to the original satin sheen, silver metallic color, gloss and luster while maintaining the integrity of the anodized aluminum metal finish for years to come. This involved repairing the damaged, resurfacing the oxidized and restoring the faded anodized aluminum factory finish. Once the anodized aluminum restoration was complete we spray applied our anodized aluminum lacquer coating to protect the anodized aluminum cladding panels from corrosion, salt water residue, u.v. damage, pollutants, weathering and contaminants.

Case Study 73 - Clear Anodized Aluminum Storefront Scratch Removal & Stucco Removal

Removing scratches from clear anodized aluminum with anodized aluminum scratch removal and scratch remover programs.

>> View Case Study here.

Condition:  This new Miami, Florida commercial strip plaza had construction damaged clear anodized aluminum storefront window mullions, scratched anodized aluminum doors and stained anodized aluminum window frames. During construction, the stucco contractor scratched and dented the anodized aluminum when they were removing stucco overspray. When they tried to get the stucco off of the anodized aluminum window frames they scratched the anodic aluminum surface finish. The anodized aluminum new construction project was compromised by the corrosive oxidation, scratches, acid etching and chemical stains.

York Property Company Solution:  The general contractor contracted us to clean, repair and restore the damaged and scratched natural colored anodized aluminum window frames. We removed the scratches and whitish gray stains on the new anodized aluminum storefront window frame sections as if they had not been scratched or damaged. The anodized aluminum looked new and clean when the oxidized anodized aluminum construction cleaning and anodized aluminum scratch remover program was complete.

Case Study 74 - Exterior Bleached & Stained Anodized Aluminum Window Frame Cleaning

Our anodized aluminum clear protective coatings refinish, renew, rejuvenate, refurbish, recondition, renovate, revitalize and restore dull, old, chalky, sun bleached, weathered, oxidized or faded anodized aluminum to like new original color, luster and mirror-like gloss and shine.
>> View Case Study here.

Condition:  The anodized aluminum building facade window frames on this commercial building in Sarasota, Florida were faded, pitted, oxidized, bleached and stained. The anodized aluminum window frames looked old, dirty, aged and faded as they had never been cleaned, washed or maintained since the building was new. To protect the anodized aluminum from further damage Property Management wanted the anodized aluminum cleaned, repaired and restored.

York Property Company Solution:  The exterior anodized aluminum building facade window frames were refurbished with our exterior anodized aluminum cleaning and refinishing system. The anodized aluminum was restoration cleaned and the anodized aluminum window frames were coated with the specified clear protective coating. With the anodized aluminum surfaces now clean, the coating will preserve and protect the anodic layer from airborne and waterborne contaminants, sun and u.v exposure and all around general weathering.

Case Study 75 - Rusting Painted Steel Entrance Canopy Painting & Restoration

We are experts at cleaning anodized aluminum, washing anodized aluminum, pressure cleaning anodized aluminum and refinishing anodized aluminum.

>> View Case Study here.

Condition:  The painted steel building facade entrance canopy structural components at this luxury residential condominium in Toronto, Ontario were faded, stained and rusting. The exterior was not clean, deteriorated, contaminated, aged and the owners required the painted steel extrusions be power washed, refinished, restored and painted.

York Property Company Solution:  The condominium management and owners requested a painted steel metal refinishing system that would last for many years. We cleaned and refinished the painted steel with our high performance painted steel spray applied pigmented coating.

Case Study 76 - Acid Etched Anodized Aluminum Storefront Window Frame Refinishing

We restore, rejuvenate and refurbish the luster, sheen and color variations to acid etched anodized aluminum storefront window frames.
>> View Case Study here.

Condition:  The commercial grade Class I clear anodized aluminum storefront window frames and anodized aluminum doors on this new Charlotte, North Carolina strip mall were acid etched, acid burned and chemically flash oxidized. The exterior Alucobond anodized aluminum finishes got blemished, burned and stained whitish gray with lime contaminated debris, water and stucco overspray. Concrete, stucco and mortar residue had splashed onto the unprotected anodized aluminum surfaces. The anodized aluminum new construction project was damaged by the concrete, stucco and lime residue, white splatter, scarring, acid burns and anodized aluminum surface imperfections.

York Property Company Solution:  The General Contractor retained us as the architect recommended us as anodized aluminum construction cleaning contracting experts. We were contracted to clean, repair and restore the chemical stained and damaged anodized aluminum storefront window frames and anodized aluminum door frames. This project required that we repair the acid etching damage and return the anodized aluminum to the original condition without painting, capping or replacing any of the anodized aluminum extrusions. We achieved this request using our anodized aluminum concrete and mortar removal construction cleaning restoration system. The natural silver gray colored anodized aluminum surfaces are now clean, repaired, refurbished and protected from further damage.

Case Study 77 - Stainless Steel Elevator Scratch Removal & Repair

We repair scratched satin finished stainless steel elevator doors, refinish vandalized brushed stainless steel elevator cabs, refurbish corroded stainless steel elevator wall panels and restore scuffed stainless steel elevator entrances. We remove scratches, scuffs, corrosion, vandalism and graffiti from Type 304 & Type 316 brushed, polished, mirror and #4 stainless steel elevator finishes.

>> View Case Study here.

Condition:  The exterior Type 304 brushed stainless steel elevator doors and stainless steel frames at the Sea Crest Resort in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina were scratched, stained, rusting and damaged by constant use and salt in the environment. The dirty, stained, rusting and scratched stainless steel elevator surfaces were visually displeasing. As stainless steel elevator refinishing contractors we were contracted to refinish, repair and remove the stains, scratches, rust, graffiti and damage from the stainless steel elevator position indicators, the stainless steel elevator doors and the stainless steel elevator frames.

York Property Company Solution:  The only way to repair the damage to the stainless steel elevator finishes was to remove the scratches and rust from the stainless steel finishes vs. capping over the damage with stainless steel break metal. We achieved this with our stainless steel elevator scratch removal and stainless steel elevator rust removal program to repair and restore the damage to the stainless steel elevator surface finishes. We removed the elevator scratches; cleaned, repaired, reconditioned and refinished the damaged stainless steel elevator doors. All the stainless steel elevator surfaces look new, bright, shiny and are free of rust, scratches and graffiti.

Case Study 78 - Removing Concrete Debris from Anodized Aluminum Window Frames

We rejuvenate, renew and refurbish chalked, dull and faded factory anodized aluminum finishes. We don't paint when we can refurbish the anodized aluminum finish and make it look new again. Protect the anodized aluminum finish from oxidation, corrosion, weathering, sun damage and pitting. We protect and preserve anodized aluminum from fading.
>> View Case Study here.

Condition:  The clear anodized aluminum was stained, damaged and acid etched during the construction of this building at Iowa State University. During the pour of the cement-like cementitious roofing material it splashed over the side and the corrosive concrete contaminated the anodized aluminum window frames and anodized aluminum window wall system. The anodized aluminum finish was acid etched, burned, corroded and oxidized. The G.C. requested that we get the concrete particulate and whitish-gray concrete stains off of the anodized aluminum finishes. As anodized aluminum refurbishing and restoration contracting experts, our client had confidence we could clean, refinish and repair the concrete damaged anodized aluminum window frames.

York Property Company Solution:  To clean and remove the concrete particulate, marks, scratches and stains from the anodized aluminum window sills and anodized aluminum window frames we used our oxidized anodized aluminum restoration refinishing and reconditioning system. We had to remove the concrete, cement and get the splatter and debris off while cleaning and refinishing the anodized aluminum without causing any more damage to the anodized aluminum window frame finishes. Although the anodized aluminum building facade window mullions and window frames were seriously damaged, our acid etched anodized aluminum construction cleaning, restoration and rejuvenating program allowed us to clean, repair, refurbish and restore the acid etched and oxidized anodized aluminum to "like new". The anodized aluminum is protected from further corrosion and pitting.

Case Study 79 - Clear Anodized Aluminum Water Damage Construction Cleaning

Clear anodized aluminum water damage construction cleaning and hard water stain removal. Anodized aluminum curtain wall window frame, door and mullion cleaning, repair, refinishing and restoration.

>> View Case Study here.

Condition:  The clear anodized aluminum curtain wall window frames, balcony doors and mullions on this Houston, Texas luxury condominium were stained, discolored and water damaged during construction. The anodized aluminum metal curtain wall system leaked allowing rain water to leach through the concrete floor slab depositing lime, whitish calcium and gray acidic mineral deposits on the anodized aluminum window frames as the rain water dried on the interior and exterior metal finishes. The oxidized anodized aluminum new construction window frames, sliding doors and siding clad panels had to be cleaned, repaired, refinished and restored to like new condition.

York Property Company Solution:  The G.C. required us to remove the hard water stains, white calcium deposits, waterborne contaminants and the acidic mineral deposit residue from the anodized aluminum. These corrosive deposits had stained, acid etched and oxidized the anodized aluminum metal surfaces. On-site we got the dried on hard water stains and deposits off the anodized aluminum finish. We refurbished, reconditioned and restored the water damaged anodized aluminum curtain wall window frame and mullion extrusions as if they had not been stained, blemished or damaged. The clear anodized aluminum window frames looked renewed and clean when the anodized aluminum repair, renovation and restoration was complete.

80 - Refurbishing Oxidized & Corroded Anodized Aluminum Window Frames

Bleached, old and faded clear anodized aluminum window frame restoration.
>> View Case Study here.

Condition:  The old exterior clear anodized aluminum window frames on this commercial building in Austin, Texas displayed severe discoloration, oxidation, staining and corrosion from fifty-five years of weathering and a lack of preventive maintenance washing. There were marks, dings, scuffs and scrapes from the years of the window cleaning contractor repelling the side of the building. The factory anodized aluminum window frame finish lost the original sheen, gloss, color depth and luster. The new owners of the building wanted to improve the appearance, renew, brighten, refurbish and protect the commercial grade anodized aluminum window frames. Anodized aluminum window frame refinishing will protect and preserve the exterior anodized aluminum finishes from weathering, pollutants, contaminants, hard water stains, mold, mildew and the corrosive damaging elements.

York Property Company Solution:  To clean, repair, renew and protect the anodized aluminum window frame surface finishes from further oxidation, corrosion, pitting and deterioration we cleaned and refurbished the original silver gray colored anodized finish with our oxidized anodized aluminum cleaning and renovation system. Without painting, our oxidized anodized aluminum window frame refinishing and refurbishing program returned the anodized aluminum window frame factory finish to as good as new and now protects the anodized finish from weathering, pitting, oxidation and corrosion. The anodized aluminum window frame finishes have the original satin sheen, rich color depth and gloss and are protected from further damage, oxidation and corrosion.

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We get out anodized aluminum acid burns, chemical etching, dents, imperfections, blemishes and fix anodized aluminum scratches on anodized aluminum surfaces. We remove excess dried lime residue deposits, sticky soap scum and milky white acid etching surface contaminants from anodized aluminum finishes.

York Property Company provides high quality architectural metal cleaning, refinishing, polishing, painting, restoration & maintenance. Our highly trained company technician's clean, repair, refinish & restore interior & exterior anodized aluminum, painted aluminum, stainless steel & brass architectural metal surface finishes on-site.

With every restoration project we analyze the needs of our customers & develop a comprehensive maintenance program. This custom maintenance program ensures our clients architectural metal finishes remain looking their best for years to come.

Contact us today at 888.351.3682 for nationwide service in the United States & Canada.

Contact us and let us show you how to restore the anodized aluminum original look, refurbish acid burns, protect the anodized finish and preserve chemical stained anodized aluminum surfaces while saving money in the long run.

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