Stained building facade cleaning contracting company.
York Property Company provides high quality contaminated anodized aluminum construction cleaning, surface scratched anodized aluminum refinishing, oxidized bronze anodized aluminum restoration & dirty anodized aluminum maintenance solutions.
High quality weathered painted aluminum cleaning, sun damaged painted aluminum refinishing, salt water pitted painted aluminum restoration & scuffed painted aluminum maintenance solutions.
Dirty stainless steel cleaning, discolored stainless steel refinishing, weathered stainless steel restoration & acid stained stainless steel maintenance solutions.

We effectively clean, restore and refurbish anodized aluminum color depth; renew, rejuvenate and enhance anodized aluminum gloss and bring back the natural luster & silver metallic sheen to anodized aluminum finishes.We are experts at oxidized anodized aluminum window frame cleaning, contaminated anodized aluminum cladding restoration, stained anodized aluminum storefront window frame remedial maintenance and mineral stained anodized aluminum clad panel refinishing.
York Property Company cleans, repairs, maintains, restores, paints and refinishes damaged, stained, pitting, dirty, rusting, scratched, faded and oxidized anodized aluminum, painted aluminum, painted steel and stainless steel.

Our anodized aluminum refinishing systems get off and remove asphalt, tar, corrosive concrete slurry, acidic grout residue, mortar smear and caustic dried cement residue from anodized aluminum; repair anodized aluminum scuffs, nicks, scrapes and dings.
Clean, refinish, restore sun, u.v., humidity, heat, salt water mist and salt air pitted and oxidized anodized aluminum window frames, anodized aluminum clad panels and siding.
We stop anodized aluminum corrosion & environmental pollution damage; eliminate anodized aluminum oxidation contamination and refurbish anodized aluminum discoloration.
We beautify and restore anodized aluminum deterioration on chalked, faded, salt water pitting, caustic acid etching, chemically stained, bleached, oxidized and sun light / u.v. ray damaged anodized aluminum finishes.
Anodized aluminum will corrode, oxidize, tarnish and discolor with age. We fix anodized aluminum blemishes, marks and anodized aluminum surface imperfections.
Anodized aluminum stains, streaks, fades and bleaches with exposure to caustic, acidic and abrasive materials. Anodized aluminum dirty grimy discoloration can be fixed, repaired and refurbished.

York Property Company Case Studies:

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Case Study 41 - Repairing & Restoring Bleached & Faded Painted Aluminum Panels

We specialize at sun damaged anodized aluminum storefront window frame cleaning, bleached anodized aluminum window frame restoration, oxidized anodized aluminum cladding refinishing and dirty anodized aluminum panel maintenance.

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Condition:  The highly reflective paint on the exterior building facade metal panels at this Exton, Pennsylvania location of the U.S.P.S. had failed prematurely. The dull, chalked, faded and oxidized painted aluminum panels were an eyesore and in need of cleaning and paint restoration. The paint that was applied during manufacturing of the aluminum panels was for interior use. The paint bleached and oxidized in the exterior environment not being able to withstand the u.v. rays, heat, pollutants and acidic contaminants that are present outside. We informed our client that the paint finish could be restored and coated to protect the pigment from the corrosive elements.

York Property Company Solution:  As faded, bleached, weathered and oxidized paint restoration experts we were brought in over a weekend to clean, repair and restore the painted aluminum building facade panels to their original sheen, gloss and finish. We used our painted aluminum reconditioning system that removed the top layer of the factory applied paint finish. This painted aluminum refinishing program stripped the failed paint resin from the painted aluminum panel surfaces allowing for a smooth substrate to work from. We sealed the painted aluminum pores and protected the underlying paint pigment. The panels are now clean and restored making the building shine.

Case Study 42 - Cleaning & Refinishing Stained & Rusting Stainless Steel Mullions

We specialize in stainless steel remedial maintenance, stainless steel restoration, stainless steel cleaning and stainless steel washing.
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Condition:  The architectural metals on this commercial building in Mississauga, Ontario are horizontal anodized aluminum panels and stainless steel mullions. The anodized aluminum was stained and severely oxidized. The stainless steel was corroding, discolored and starting to rust as it had not been maintained since the building was new. The anodized aluminum and stainless steel weathering, oxidation and corrosion was caused by years of exposure to waterborne pollutants, airborne contaminants, window cleaning chemicals and u.v. exposure. Cleaning, refurbishing and restoring the old, dirty and aged anodized aluminum and stainless steel was required.

York Property Company Solution:  This building is the head office of a commercial real estate development company and the condition of the curtain wall anodized aluminum and stainless steel was unacceptable. The oxidized anodized aluminum and the corroded stainless steel made the building look old and visually displeasing. Ownership specified that we clean and restore the anodized aluminum and stainless steel panels to like new. We were able to remove the corrosion and rust from the stainless steel and get the oxidation and discoloration off of the anodized aluminum. Our exterior architectural metal refinishing systems provided the results our client expected.

Case Study 43 - Ocean Front Salt Water Oxidized Anodized Aluminum Restoration

Salt water damaged, oxidized, corroded anodized aluminum cleaning, painting, refinishing and restoration. We specialize in anodized aluminum preventive maintenance, anodized aluminum refinishing, anodized aluminum power washing and anodized aluminum pressure cleaning.

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Condition:  The oxidized anodized aluminum window frames, sun damaged anodized aluminum sliding doors and pitted anodized aluminum railings on this Wildwood Crest, New Jersey ocean front hotel were stained, faded, corroded, pitted, chemically etched and oxidized from thirty-two years of exposure to the Atlantic Ocean salt air, salt water mist and sea spray. Being by the sea the anodized aluminum was damaged by the sun, u.v. rays, high humidity, fog and ocean salt water etching and mineral deposits. The owner wanted to know how to stop the salt water corrosion, oxidation and salt etching.

York Property Company Solution:  There was excessive anodized aluminum oxidation, corrosion, pitting and anodic finish failure on the majority of the anodized aluminum surfaces. Ownership wanted the anodized aluminum to be clean, present itself well and be protected from the damaging salt in the air. We restored the aluminum window frames and anodized aluminum sliding glass doors. Due to pitting and wear and tear the anodized aluminum railings required painting. With our anodized aluminum painting and restoration refinishing program the anodized aluminum surfaces are restored and protected.

Case Study 44 - Oxidized & Pitted Satin Finish Stainless Steel Refinishing

We are experts at oxidized anodized aluminum cladding cleaning, weathered anodized aluminum panel restoration, stained anodized aluminum building façade panel refinishing and faded anodized aluminum storefront window frame maintenance.
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Condition:  The stainless steel clad revolving door drum, stainless steel revolving doors and stainless steel swing doors on all twenty-six entrances had oxidized, pitted and started rusting. The aged, winter salt damaged, sun and u.v. weathered and faded lacquer wore out and was cracking, peeling and wearing off the stainless steel finishes. The exposed stainless steel was rusting and pitting. The doors and door handles with human contact were scratched and stained. On-site stainless steel refinishing was required to remove the scratches and rust from the stainless steel.

York Property Company Solution:  The stainless steel refinishing, stainless steel repair and stainless steel restoration was completed on the weekend over many months. After the failed lacquer was removed we got the rust, corrosion, oxidation, pitting and scratches off the stainless steel satin finish. We then spray applied a fresh coat of lacquer to protect the stainless steel from salt, rust, oxidation, pollutants, stains and wear and tear. The stainless steel revolving doors and stainless steel entrance doors are now clean, refurbished, restored and reconditioned.

Case Study 45 - Cleaning & Refinishing Oxidized Brass Window Frames & Brass Display Case Frames

Anodized aluminum is damaged by winter salt, dirt, salt water, grime, corrosive oxidation, discoloration, acid burns and caustic chemical stains. We are experts at cleaning anodized aluminum, washing anodized aluminum, pressure cleaning anodized aluminum and refinishing anodized aluminum.

>> View Case Study here.

Condition:  The brass display cases on the storefront at this Cartier retail location in Toronto, Ontario were stained, oxidized and tarnished to the point that they were visually displeasing. The original lacquer coating wore out and was cracking and peeling. The exposed architectural brass finish was tarnished, oxidized, stained and turning green. The brass patina needed to be removed. On-site brass refinishing was specified to clean, refurbish, repair and protect the brass surface finish.

York Property Company Solution:  The brass refinishing, repair and restoration project had to get the failed lacquer off the brass and remove the brown / green patina, tarnish and stains. Brass polishing and brass restoration removed the oxidation, corrosion and discoloration. During the brass repair we spray applied a fresh coat of lacquer to protect the brass finish from the damaging elements, pollutants and contaminants. As commercial brass refinishing experts the brass display cases are now clean, refurbished and protected from further damage.

Case Study 46 - New Construction Scratched Bronze Anodized Aluminum Window Mullion Refinishing

Anodized aluminum finishes are susceptible to hard water spots and hard water stains; damaging polluted acid rain; chemical contamination and corrosive oxidation anodized aluminum surface imperfections.
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Condition:  The bronze anodized aluminum window mullions, anodized aluminum doors & frames and anodized aluminum window frames on this commercial building in Erie, Pennsylvania were damaged, scratched and stained during the anodized aluminum curtain wall installation. The owner and general contractor thought the only option was to paint the damaged anodized aluminum. We informed them that we could clean, refurbish and recondition the contaminated, scarred and degraded anodized aluminum surface finishes to original condition.

York Property Company Solution:  As stained anodized aluminum cleaning, scratched anodized aluminum refinishing and damaged anodized aluminum restoration experts we were contracted to remove the surface scratches and blemishes from the brown colored bronze anodized aluminum surfaces. When the anodized aluminum scratch removal program and anodized aluminum restoration project was complete the anodized aluminum finishes looked renewed. The anodized aluminum had the original luster and sheen and was in like new condition.

Case Study 47 - Stainless Steel Elevator Cladding - Refurbishing Wood Veneer Elevator Interiors

Damaged, stainled, dented and rusting stainless steel elevator cladding.

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Condition:  The interior wood veneered wall panels in the stainless steel elevator cabs at this Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Oceanfront Resort were scratched, stained, dented and damaged by luggage carts and non-stop abuse. As well, water had deteriorated and damaged the wood panels. Stainless steel cladding was the only viable option to repair and modernize the damaged wood panels. The durability and impact resistance made stainless steel cladding the best choice. As well, stainless steel cladding will not dent, stain or scratch the way wood or wood veneers do over time.

York Property Company Solution:  Resort Management contracted us to repair the damaged stainless steel elevator cab interiors by removing the scratches, dents and stains from the wood panels. The only cost effective way to achieve this was by cladding the wood panels with our #4 brushed stainless steel filler strips and our patterned stainless steel panels. Our on-site stainless steel installation system allowed us to keep the elevators down for only a few days. The stainless steel cladding added cleanliness and enhanced the beauty of the stainless steel cab interior. The stainless steel cab is now much easier to keep clean and will not be damaged by the luggage carts and constant use.

Case Study 48 - Painting Oxidized Painted Aluminum Building Facade Panels

We rejuvenate, renew and refurbish chalked, dull and faded factory applied powder coat finishes. We don't paint when we can refurbish the paint finish and make it look new again. Protect the painted aluminum paint finish from oxidation, corrosion, weathering, sun damage and pitting. We protect and preserve the paint from fading. We renew the paint finish restoring the color, gloss, sheen and luster.
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Condition:  The original clear coat factory finish on the painted aluminum clad building facade siding panels on this commercial building in Toronto, Ontario had failed due to age, ultraviolet sun damage and a lack of maintenance washing. The paint finish was chalking, faded, oxidized and had lost its luster and sheen. The owner could paint the building at great expense or wash, renovate and rejuvenate the original blue painted aluminum metal clad panels. Cleaning and renovating the factory paint finish was the most cost effective.

York Property Company Solution:  As painted aluminum metal restoration specialists we cleaned, restored and rejuvenated the faded painted aluminum without further damaging the painted surface. We cleaned, repaired and restored the damaged and oxidized painted aluminum siding panels with our faded paint cleaning and restoration system. After cleaning and refinishing the painted aluminum building facade siding the panels were clean, protected and as good as new.

Case Study 49 - Cleaning & Refurbishing Stained Anodized Aluminum Clad Wall Panels

Anodized aluminum polishing, anodized aluminum restoration, anodized aluminum brightening and anodized aluminum refinishing systems clean, repair, resurface, recondition, restore, renew, refurbish, brighten and rejuvenate anodized aluminum.

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Condition:  The exterior clear anodized aluminum siding panels on this entertainment facility in Gaithersburg, Maryland were faded, stained, dull and oxidized. Our client had not washed the silver gray colored anodized aluminum clad siding panels since they were new. The anodized aluminum siding aged from exposure to pollutants, acid rain, the sun, hard water spots and caustic mineral deposits. The lack of anodized aluminum washing, care or maintenance caused the anodized aluminum metal finish to prematurely bleach, corrode, stain, pitt and oxidize. Management saw the results of not caring for, maintaining or washing the anodized aluminum cladding and contacted us for our anodized aluminum restoration and preservation expertise.

York Property Company Solution:  Our anodized aluminum Technical Consulting Division was contracted to analyze the degraded exterior anodized aluminum panels and metal finishes. We found excessive staining, corrosion, oxidation and anodic finish failure on the majority of the anodized aluminum surfaces. With the findings of our anodized aluminum surface testing and analysis we informed our client that the anodized aluminum finishes could be cleaned and restored and did not require painting. A long-term anodized aluminum cleaning, anodized aluminum washing and anodized aluminum maintenance program was initiated to restore, protect and preserve the anodized aluminum clad siding. When the anodized aluminum cleaning, repair, restoration and protection program was complete the anodized aluminum clad siding panels looked clean, fresh and new.

Case Study 50 - Weathered & Oxidized Stainless Steel Curtain Wall Restoration Cleaning & Refinishing

Exterior stainless steel cleaning and refinishing. Stainless steel rust, oxidation and pitting removal. We specialize at stained anodized aluminum panel cleaning, salt water pitted anodized aluminum building façade panel restoration and oxidized anodized aluminum window frame refinishing.
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Condition:  Commerce Court West, designed by world-renown architect I. M. Pei, lies in the heart of Toronto, Ontario's downtown financial district. When constructed in 1972, the 57-storey tower was at the time the largest stainless steel clad building in North America and the tallest building in Canada. As the years passed, the stainless steel cladding on the tower became visually displeasing with rust, pitting, dirt and stains. The color, sheen and luster on the exterior metal panels had been lost due to pollutants such as automobile exhaust, acid rain, winter salt and other waterborne and airborne contaminants. A solution was sought to restore the stainless steel exterior of the prestigious bank tower in order to return the building to its former glory. This is when York Property Company accepted the challenge of performing the work necessary, providing the precision and skill, that would reclaim the beauty of one of Toronto's crown-jewels.

York Property Company Solution:  The stainless steel was rusting, pitting, oxidized and extremely stained. As stainless steel metal reconditioning and refinishing experts, our client had confidence we could clean, refurbish, resurface and restore the stainless steel clad panels and window frames. The stainless steel restoration cleaning project posed many challenges. The building is 800 feet tall and working from that height was complex due to the wind. Our stainless steel refinishing and restoration system allowed us to clean and restore the corroded stainless steel metal panels back to the original sheen, finish and color.

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Anodized aluminum that is old, dull & dingy, dirty & grimy, soiled, white chalky faded, streaked, polluted, deteriorated and contaminated is unprotected and requires anodized aluminum refinishing and anodized aluminum restoration.

York Property Company provides high quality architectural metal cleaning, refinishing, polishing, painting, restoration & maintenance. Our highly trained company technician's clean, repair, refinish & restore interior & exterior anodized aluminum, painted aluminum, stainless steel & brass architectural metal surface finishes on-site.

With every restoration project we analyze the needs of our customers & develop a comprehensive maintenance program. This custom maintenance program ensures our clients architectural metal finishes remain looking their best for years to come.

Contact us today at 610.442.2131 for nationwide service in the United States & Canada.

We are specialists at restoring anodized aluminum, power washing anodized aluminum, refurbishing anodized aluminum and maintaining anodized aluminum.

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