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Cleaning, restoring, painting, maintaining, faded, oxidized, chalked, stained anodized aluminum, painted aluminum, stainless steel and painted metals. Anodized aluminum building restoration, metal refinishing, building cleaning, metal painting, polishing, metal restoration.
Restoring faded, dull, etched, stained, oxidized anodized aluminum with clear protective coatings that seal and protect.
Restoring chalked, faded paint, stained, oxidized, painted aluminum with clear protective coatings that seal and protect.
Restoring rusted, etched, stained, stainless steel with clear protective coatings that seal and protect.
Metal curtain wall maintenance and restoration. Anodized aluminum, painted aluminum, stainless steel curtainwall cleaning, painting, restoring, maintaining, refinishing, maintenance and building restoration.
Commercial building facade cleaning, polishing, faded paint restoration, maintaining, metal refinishing and restoring faded painted aluminum, anodized aluminum, stainless steel, maintenance and preservation.

Faded, bleached, stained, oxidized, discolored, acid etched and pitted anodized aluminum, painted aluminum and stainless steel building facade / curtain wall cleaning, polishing, painting, maintaining, restoring, refinishing, maintenance and metal restoration.

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Sun Damaged, Weathered & Oxidized Curtain Wall Faded Paint Restoration

Faded painted aluminum curtain wall refinishing.

Condition:  The blue painted aluminum metal curtain wall window mullions, painted aluminum window frames and painted metal panels on this commercial building in Toronto, Ontario had degraded and weathered from thirty years of sun and u.v. exposure, airborne pollutants, contaminants and the lack of painted aluminum preventive maintenance washing. The painted aluminum curtain wall mullions, painted aluminum window frames and painted aluminum panels were chalked, faded, damaged, oxidized, pitting and stained from vertical silicone leaching, caulking bleeding and sealant runoff streaking. The original paint finish looked aged and old after losing the factory gloss, paint color, luster and sheen. All of the damaging caustic elements had to be removed from the faded paint finish.

York Property Company Solution:  The eleven storey painted metal curtain wall extrusions were not clean, damaged, stained, streaked and were visually displeasing. The original factory applied faded paint finishes required oxidation, bleeding caulking and leaching sealant removal. We cleaned, repaired and restored the damaged and oxidized painted aluminum window frames, painted metal mullions and painted aluminum panels with our faded paint cleaning, paint reconditioning and paint restoration system. The exterior of the Warner Brothers building looks renewed, clean and rejuvenated. The original factory paint gloss, sheen and color are refurbished.

Oxidized, Mold & Mildew Stained Anodized Aluminum Metal Building Facade Restoration

Restoration cleaning and restoring degraded and bleached anodized aluminum.

Condition:  The clear anodized aluminum building facade panels, anodized aluminum mullions, anodized aluminum storefront window frames and anodized metal extrusions on this commercial building in Markham, Ontario were dirty, oxidized and stained. The anodized silver color and satin sheen had faded. The anodized aluminum cladding panels were contaminated with mold, mildew, mineral and calcium deposits. Apple Computer Inc. wanted a mold and mildew stain removal program to repair, restore and refinish the anodized metal surface staining and damage to the anodized aluminum building facade panels.

York Property Company Solution:  The dull, bleached and damaged exterior anodized aluminum panels and anodized aluminum window frames on this building were cleaned, repaired and restored with our exterior anodized aluminum refinishing system. The anodized aluminum was restoration cleaned removing the oxidation, mold and mildew stains, and the calcium and mineral deposits. The anodized aluminum metal cladding and anodized aluminum metal storefront window frames were coated with our spray applied clear lacquer protective coating to protect the anodized aluminum metal finish from further damage, corrosion and weathering.

Dirty & Stained Corrugated Clad Stainless Steel Building Facade Restoration Cleaning

Stained, rusting and U.V. damaged exterior stainless steel panel restoration cleaning.

Condition:  The Type 316 exterior stainless steel curtain wall metal cladding panels on this San Jose, California entertainment complex had degraded from ten years of exposure to the sun, waterborne & airborne contaminants and pollutants. The stainless steel cladding was dirty, stained, oxidized, pitting, rusting and corroded. Ownership wanted the curtain wall stainless steel cladding panels clean, repaired and refurbished.

York Property Company Solution:  As stainless steel metal cladding and curtain wall metal restoration specialists we specified the correct stainless steel restoration cleaning methods and materials and were contracted to restore the stainless steel clad curtain wall to the original luster for the building's ten year anniversary. The stainless steel panels are now clean, repaired and protected from any further environmental damage.

Weathered & Disclored Painted Aluminum Window Frame Curtain Wall Cleaning & Refinishing

Restoration cleaning and restoring faded and oxidized painted aluminum.

Condition:  This commercial office building on the waterfront in downtown Toronto, Ontario had oxidized painted aluminum curtain wall panels, chalked and faded painted aluminum cladding and stained painted aluminum window frames due to being exposed to the elements for twenty-eight years. On-Site Property Management decided for tenant and aesthetic considerations that cleaning and restoring the exterior curtain wall painted aluminum metal panels, painted aluminum cladding and painted aluminum window frames on the exterior of the building was appropriate. Cleaning and refurbishing the green painted aluminum building facade was less expensive than painting and achieved the same result of revitalizing the painted finishes factory gloss, color and sheen.

York Property Company Solution:  A York Property Company Technical Advisor assisted Property Management with the painted aluminum surface damage analysis and the correct oxidized painted aluminum cleaning and refinishing specification for the cleaning, repair and restoration of the weathered, faded and discolored painted aluminum building facade metal panels. As chalked, faded and damaged painted aluminum metal refinishing experts we used our painted aluminum metal restoration system and this eight storey painted aluminum curtain wall was refurbished back to the original dark green with the original luster and sheen. The painted aluminum cladding stains, blemishes and oxidation damage were removed during the painted aluminum refurbishing and reconditioning process. The corrosion, oxidation and airborne particulate are gone and the painted aluminum finish is renewed and clean. The painted aluminum finishes on this Class "A" commercial building will look clean and new for many years to come and are protected from the damaging atmosphere and caustic environmental elements.

Washing Old & Dirty Bronze Anodized Aluminum Commercial Window Frames

Bronze anodized aluminum window mullion metal refinishing.

Condition:  The service life of the exterior bronze anodized aluminum on this commercial building in Winston-Salem, North Carolina had expired. The bronze anodized aluminum building facade storefront window frames and doors on this owner occupied Winston-Salem Credit Union had degraded from age, environmental contaminants, pollutants, acid rain and a lack of anodized aluminum preventive maintenance washing. The anodized aluminum metal was damaged, faded, oxidized, pitting and stained. Ownership required the stains, oxidation and damage to the anodized aluminum be cleaned, repaired and refurbished to return the bronze anodized aluminum window frames to a preserved and protected condition.

York Property Company Solution: To repair, restore and protect the brown colored anodized aluminum building facade window frames and doors from the damaging elements anodized aluminum restoration cleaning was specified with an application of our anodized aluminum clear protective coating. Without painting, our oxidized anodized aluminum cleaning and refinishing program returned the bronze anodized aluminum window frames factory finish to as good as new and now protects the anodic finish from weathering, pitting, oxidation and corrosion.The specified anodized aluminum remedial maintenance process cleans, repairs, protects and preserves anodized aluminum surfaces from damaging pollutants and contaminants.

Cleaning & Restoring Luxury Residential Acid Etched Anodized Aluminum Mullions & Window Frames

Acid etched, corroded and oxidized anodized aluminum refinishing.

Condition:  The clear anodized aluminum entrance doors and anodized aluminum storefront window frames on this multi-million dollar East Hampton, New York estate were damaged, stained, oxidized and acid etched by a contractor acid cleaning the teak soffit above the anodized aluminum window frame extrusions. The acidic restoration cleaning agent flash etched and burned all of the building facade clear anodized aluminum. The milky white chemical staining left the silver metallic anodized aluminum damaged beyond traditional anodized aluminum cleaning methods.

York Property Company Solution:  The owner of the property with exacting standards demanded a remedy to clean, repair and restore the clear anodized aluminum window frames and doors to the original satin brushed finish. The three storey acid etched anodized aluminum residential building facade storefront was repaired and restored to the original color and sheen specification with our anodized aluminum construction cleaning and restoration system.

Repairing Dull, Scraped, Marred & Scuffed Anodized Aluminum Window Frames

Wind driven abrasion and airborne particulate damage to anodized aluminum.

Condition:  During Hurricane Katrina the black anodized aluminum metal finishes on this commercial building in New Orleans, Louisiana were scratched, dented and damaged by wind driven airborne particulate and debris. The black anodized aluminum doors, anodized aluminum storefront and anodized aluminum window frames were scratched, marred, scuffed, dull and faded as the wind driven debris abraded the surface of the anodized aluminum metal finishes.

York Property Company Solution: Working with Zurich Insurance we were able to ascertain what anodized aluminum metal damage was hurricane related and what was general weathering - anodized aluminum color fading, anodized aluminum finish oxidation, anodized aluminum surface corrosion, anodized aluminum pitting and anodized aluminum staining. With our oxidized anodized aluminum refinishing and scratched anodized aluminum metal restoration expertise our metal surface analysis and metal repair specification allowed Zurich Insurance to settle with the buildings owner to clean, refinish and restore the specified anodized aluminum surfaces.

Cleaning Acid Etching Stains & Removing Concrete / Mortar Marks from Anodized Aluminum Window Frames

Restoration cleaning to resolve acid etched anodized aluminum.

Condition:  The dark bronze anodized aluminum storefront window mullions, anodized aluminum doors and anodized aluminum metal window frames on this Greeley, Colorado commercial building were damaged, acid etched, corroded, oxidized and stained during the mortar acid cleaning process. The anodized aluminum new construction project was compromised by the concrete, cement and mortar etching, corrosion, damage and stains.

York Property Company Solution:  The G.C. required that we repair the anodized aluminum damage and remove the anodized aluminum staining, etching, corrosion and oxidation. We cleaned, repaired and restored the new anodized aluminum curtain wall window mullions, anodized aluminum doors and anodized aluminum window frames as if they had not been damaged by the concrete and mortar overspray. The building facade anodized aluminum silver color, metallic satin sheen and gloss looked new and clean when the mortar and concrete contamination removal construction cleaning process was complete.

Stripping Old, Peeling & Flaking Paint from Anodized Aluminum Window Mullions / Frames

Anodized aluminum cleaning and restoration.

Condition:  The clear anodized aluminum Alucobond panels on this commercial building in Waco, Texas were painted after they were installed on the building. The silver grey paint coating on the anodized aluminum was peeling and the old, brittle, flaking paint had to be removed. The owners wanted the anodized aluminum clad panels to be restored to the original luster of new anodized aluminum. If the anodized aluminum was not coated once it was clean and refurbished the anodized aluminum would bleach, stain, acid etch and oxidize. To maintain the integrity of the Alucobond anodic finish ownership requested the anodized aluminum building facade siding panels be coated and protected with the York Property Company anodized aluminum protective coating.

York Property Company Solution:  To refurbish and recondition the old, faded and contaminated anodized aluminum we had to strip the paint off the anodized aluminum finish without damaging the anodic layer. Removing the paint was time consuming and required our skill, expertise and experience as anodized aluminum restoration specialists. If the Alucobond panels were acid etched or scratched the anodized aluminum would have to be painted again. The anodized aluminum reconditioning program got the paint off of the panels safely and refurbished the anodized aluminum color and finish. The anodized aluminum protective coating enhanced the natural color and sheen while protecting the anodized aluminum from the sun, dark grey mineral deposits, milky white calcium stains and caustic airborne contaminants.

Cleaning Stained, Rusting, Bleached & Oxidized Stainless Steel Building Facade Clad Panels

Restoration cleaning of silicone and caulking staining and contamination.

Condition:  The exterior stainless steel metal storefront, stainless steel window frames and stainless steel siding panels on the Adidas, USA building facade in Spartanburg, South Carolina were stained, rusting, oxidized and bleached from years of exposure to damaging elements and a lack of routine maintenance washing. The unsightly damage to the stainless steel panels required our stainless steel metal refinishing expertise and stainless steel rust removal program. Our client wanted the caulking and silicone stained stainless steel repaired, clean and rust free for many years to come.

York Property Company Solution:  Cleaning and repairing the damaged stainless steel panels required our years of stainless steel refinishing and restoration experience. As oxidized stainless steel cleaning and rusting stainless steel restoration specialists we cleaned and restored the stainless steel building facade cladding panels with our stainless steel restoration cleaning, rust and scratch removal systems. This made the dirty, dull, rusting, faded and corroded building shine. The rust, staining, pitting, corrosion and oxidation was carefully removed as to not further damage the satin stainless steel finish on the stainless steel building facade panels and stainless steel storefront window frames.

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