Maintaining and washing faded, stained and contaminated anodized

aluminum finishes.

We renew and restore the brown anodized aluminum color, anodized aluminum sheen and anodized aluminum luster of bronze colored anodized aluminum window frames.Natural bronze anodized aluminum damage, anodized aluminum window frame stain removal, we get off water spots, blemishes and residue removal.
Anodized aluminum maintenance washing provides anodized aluminum corrosion protection, stops anodized aluminum oxidation, removes hard water stains, gets off white calcium and mineral deposits from anodized aluminum window frames.

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Case Study 69 - Bronze Anodized Aluminum Curtain Wall Restoration, Washing & Long-Term Maintenance

Condition:  A lack of washing the exterior dark bronze anodized aluminum cladding, siding panels and window frames on this twenty-three year old owner occupied commercial building in Park Ridge, NJ caused the anodized aluminum to bleach, stain, acid etch and oxidize. Without washing the anodized aluminum it aged from exposure to airborne and waterborne contaminants, pollutants, acid rain, sun damage and u.v. exposure. The lack of maintenance washing contributed to the corrosion and pitting on the anodized metal finishes. Ownership had not followed the anodized aluminum manufacturers washing and preventive maintenance schedule since the anodized aluminum was new.

York Property Company Solution: Building management realized that anodized aluminum washing and maintenance was vital to maintain the twenty-three year old anodized finish over the long-term. We were contacted to analyze the degraded, stained, corroded, pitting and oxidized exterior bronze anodized aluminum mullions, window frames, siding and cladding panels. With the findings of our analysis and specification we were contracted to clean, wash, refinish and maintain the contaminated anodized aluminum finishes. Our anodized aluminum cleaning and refinishing system cleaned, refurbished and protected the anodized aluminum restoring the original color, gloss and sheen to the bronze anodized finish.

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"York Property Company's refinishing of all the anodized aluminum on our 140,000 sq. ft. NUS Corporate Plaza office building in Park Ridge, NJ was a project well-conceived; well-planned; and well-executed. Best of all, the owners, who as you know are very hands-on, feel that they have gotten lots of bang for the buck."

"Don't hesitate to call me, our Building Manager, or the owners directly for what I can assure you will be a qualified endorsement."

Construction Manager, Sartak Holdings, Inc.

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Washing anodized aluminum and maintaining anodized aluminum window frames finishes.

Washing anodized aluminum cladding, washing anodized aluminum panels and washing anodized aluminum siding.

Dark bronze anodized aluminum cleaning, anodized aluminum maintenance washing, anodized aluminum refinishing and anodized aluminum restoration is vital to keeping anodized aluminum finishes protected from corrosion, oxidation, deterioration and contamination.

Oxidized bronze anodized aluminum window frame refinishing.

Cleaning dirty anodized aluminum window frames.

We effectively clean, restore and refurbish bronze anodized aluminum color depth; remove oxidation from anodized aluminum, renew, rejuvenate and enhance anodized aluminum gloss and bring back the natural luster & bronze sheen to anodized aluminum finishes.

Our bronze anodized aluminum window frame refinishing systems get off and remove asphalt, tar, corrosive concrete slurry from anodized aluminum. We get acidic grout residue, mortar smear and caustic dried cement residue from anodized aluminum window frames; Clean, refinish and repair anodized aluminum scuffs, nicks, scrapes and dings.

Bronze anodized aluminum window frame restoration.

We stop anodized aluminum corrosion & caustic environmental pollution damage; eliminate anodized aluminum window frame oxidation contamination and refurbish anodized aluminum discoloration.

Bronze anodized aluminum window frames will corrode, oxidize, tarnish and discolor with age. We fix anodized aluminum blemishes, marks and anodized aluminum window frame imperfections.

Anodized aluminum is damaged by salt, efflorescence, salt water, grime, corrosive oxidation, discoloration, acid burns and caustic chemical stains.

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York Property Company provides high quality anodized aluminum cleaning, anodized aluminum refinishing, anodized aluminum restoration & anodized aluminum maintenance solutions. Our highly trained company technician's clean, repair, refinish & restore anodized aluminum architectural metal surface finishes on-site.

With every anodized aluminum restoration project we analyze the needs of our customers & develop a comprehensive maintenance program. This custom anodized aluminum maintenance program ensures our clients architectural anodized aluminum metal finishes remain looking their best for years to come.

Contact us today at 888.351.3682 and request an analysis of your bronze anodized aluminum window frames that were stained and discolored by caustic, acidic and corrosive contaminants.  We will provide you a bronze anodized aluminum washing, anodized aluminum window frame refinishing and anodized aluminum restoration recommendation.

Do you have a question about oxidized anodized aluminum window frame cleaning, repairing, refinishing and restoration? We will be pleased to provide a cost-saving anodized aluminum refurbish, repair, refinish, maintenance and anodized aluminum window frame restoration recommendation.

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