Maintaining oxidized anodized aluminum panels on Markham, Ontario.
Dirty anodized aluminum panel cleaning.
Oxidized anodized aluminum panel refinishing.
Washing weather damaged anodized aluminum clad panels.
Stained anodized aluminum panel restoration contractor.
Cleaning stained anodized aluminum window frames.
Refurbishing faded and corroded anodized aluminum siding panel finishes.
Washing dirty anodized aluminum window frames
Refinishing sun damaged natural colored anodized aluminum window frames.

Cleaning dirty anodized aluminum panels, maintaining old anodized aluminum panels and refinishing stained anodized aluminum clad panels.Contact the sun bleached and weathered anodized aluminum panel refinishing, oxidized anodized aluminum panel restoration and corroded anodized aluminum panel surface protection specialists.
We clean, refurbish, refinish and restore anodized aluminum clad panels and anodized aluminum storefront window frames.

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Case Study 69 - Restoring Oxidized, Stained and Faded Anodized Aluminum Window Frames and Siding Panels

Condition:  The clear anodized aluminum building facade panels, anodized aluminum mullions, anodized aluminum storefront window frames and anodized metal extrusions on this commercial building in Markham, Ontario were dirty, oxidized and stained. The anodized silver color and satin sheen had faded. The anodized aluminum cladding panels were contaminated with mold, mildew, mineral and calcium deposits. Apple Computer Inc. wanted a mold and mildew stain removal program to repair, restore and refinish the anodized metal surface staining and damage to the anodized aluminum building facade panels.

York Property Company Solution:  The dull, bleached and damaged exterior anodized aluminum panels and anodized aluminum window frames on this building were cleaned, repaired and restored with our exterior anodized aluminum refinishing system. The anodized aluminum was restoration cleaned removing the oxidation, mold and mildew stains, and the calcium and mineral deposits. The anodized aluminum metal cladding and anodized aluminum metal storefront window frames were coated with our spray applied clear lacquer protective coating to protect the anodized aluminum metal finish from further damage, corrosion and weathering.

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"I just want to write you a short note to congratulate you on a job well done! Your hard work has certainly paid off as the anodized aluminum exterior of our Apple Canada head office has never looked better. Our employees have been commenting on the fact that we have to supply them with sunglasses to cut down the glare coming off our shiny anodized aluminum building -- this is NOT an exaggeration!"

"I only wish all our vendors / suppliers were as good and true to what they claim they can accomplish. I won't hesitate to call York Property Company for future anodized aluminum maintenance and restoration projects."

Facilities Manager, Apple Canada, Inc.

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Stained, faded and oxidized anodized aluminum metal panel building facade repair and restoration.

Exterior bleached, sun damaged anodized aluminum cleaning, repairing and refinishing.

Repairing, preserving and restoring aged, stained, bleached, oxidized and faded anodized aluminum building facade.

Anodized aluminum metal preservation and protection with a clear UV protective coating.

Cleaning faded clear anodized aluminum Alucobond window frames.

Refurbishing old anodized aluminum.

Cleaning weathered anodized aluminum clad panels.

Restoring oxidized clear anodized aluminum Alucobond panels.

Anodized Aluminum Restoration Complete
We get out anodized aluminum acid burns, diminish surface scratches, chemical etching, dents, imperfections, blemishes and fix anodized aluminum scratches on anodized aluminum surfaces. We remove excess dried lime residue deposits, sticky soap scum and milky white acid etching surface contaminants from anodized aluminum finishes.

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York Property Company provides high quality dirty anodized aluminum panel cleaning, oxidized anodized aluminum panel refinishing, stained anodized aluminum panel restoration and weather damaged anodized aluminum panel maintenance solutions. Our highly trained company technicians clean, repair, refinish and restore anodized aluminum panel finishes on-site.

Contact us today at 610-442-2131 and request an analysis of your building's oxidized, pitted, mold and mildew stained, chalked and faded exterior anodized aluminum clad panels. We will be provide you a stained anodized aluminum panel refurbishing, anodized aluminum panel oxidation removal and anodized aluminum chemical stain removal recommendation.

Anodized aluminum that is pitted, scratched, oxidized, corroded, weathered, bleached, acid etched, chemically stained and damaged requires oxidized anodized aluminum panel cleaning and pitted anodized aluminum panel refinishing to protect the anodized aluminum panel finish.

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