Architectural metal cleaning.
Oxidized metal building facade refinishing.
Cleaning Alucobond panels.
Commercial metal refinishing.
Metal restoration and metal polishing
Resurfacing oxidized metal, reconditioning and restoration.
Damaged metal restoration.
Metal building cleaning.
Architectural metal refinishing.

Dirty painted aluminum cleaning, old metal maintenance, stained anodized aluminum metal refinishing and weathered stainless steel metal restoration services.Commercial metal refinishing, metal restoration and metal preservation specialists.
Curtain wall metal refinishing, metal restoration, anodized aluminum restoration, metal painting, building cleaning, restoring metal, building refinishing, steel painting, metal maintenance, polishing and metal restoration.

Cleaning dirty stainless steel metal corrugated panels, restoring faded painted aluminum window frames, painting anodized aluminum clad panels, maintaining faded, oxidized & stained anodized aluminum storefront window frames.
Restoring faded painted metal, polishing dull metal, washing acid etched, stained, oxidized anodized aluminum window sills.
Restoring chalked paint, cleaning faded paint, stained metal, oxidized metal, painted aluminum with clear protective coatings that seal and protect the metal finish.
Stainless steel building cleaning, restoring rusted stainless steel clad siding panels.
Metal curtain wall maintenance and old metal building restoration. Anodized aluminum painting, restoring painted aluminum, dirty stainless steel curtainwall cleaning.
Dirty commercial building facade cleaning, polishing, faded paint restoration, maintaining, metal refinishing and restoring faded painted aluminum, anodized aluminum, stainless steel, maintenance and preservation.

Bleached, stained, discolored and pitted restoring faded anodized aluminum, refinishing oxidized painted aluminum and washing acid etched stainless steel building facade / curtain wall metal restoration.

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York Property Company specializes in oxidized metal refinishing, old metal building painting, scratched metal building refinishing, Alucobond panel cleaning, dirty metal cleaning, faded metal polishing, restoring metal, metal maintenance and metal restoration. We have metal maintenance programs and protective coatings for the metal maintenance, metal restoration and metal preservation of commercial and industrial curtain wall / building facade aluminum, anodized aluminum, painted aluminum, painted metal and painted steel.

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Factory finished architectural metals require reasonable care, periodic cleaning, maintenance washing, metal polishing and preventive metal maintenance. Although these architectural metals posses exceptional resistance to corrosion, oxidation, pitting, etching, discoloration and wear, the metal finishes integrity will corrode and degrade by harsh chemicals, rough conditions or neglect. Without preventive metal refinishing; metal refinishing and metal building restoration are inevitable.

Cleaning Dirty & Stained Painted Metal Curtain Wall Window Mullions

Dirty painted aluminum metal curtain wall window mullion cleaning.

Condition:  The degraded, old and damaged concrete upper and lower curtain wall panels on this commercial office building in Norwalk, Connecticut were clad with new brown painted aluminum metal panels during the building renovation. The original aged, chalked, faded, oxidized and dull painted aluminum window mullions did not match the new, shiny, clean panels. Ownership wanted the original factory finish brown painted window mullions cleaned, repaired and restored to match the new painted aluminum building facade cladding. As oxidized and faded painted aluminum cleaning and refinishing experts we were contracted to achieve these metal refinishing objectives.

York Property Company Solution:  To refurbish the old, stained, oxidized and faded painted aluminum metal window mullions and get them to match the new exterior painted aluminum panels we restored and reconditioned the original painted aluminum finishes with our faded and stained paint restoration system. This paint restoration system removes old, faded and damaged painted aluminum pigment while protecting the underlying original color from degrading to the exposure of the damaging elements. When the painted aluminum restoration project was complete the old and weathered painted aluminum window frames and sills matched the newly installed painted aluminum panels.

Metal Building Cleaning & Anodized Aluminum Building Facade Metal Restoration

Dirty metal building cleaning. Restoration cleaning and restoring dull, faded, degraded and bleached anodized aluminum metal window frames.

Condition:  The clear anodized aluminum clad building facade panels and anodized aluminum window frames on this owner occupied commercial building in Houston, Texas were oxidized, bleached, pitted and stained. The anodized aluminum panels looked old, aged, dull, weathered and faded as they had never been cleaned, washed or maintained since the anodized aluminum clad building was new. ADP, Inc. wanted to clean, refurbish and protect the damaged exterior natural colored Duranodic anodized aluminum clad composite panel system.

York Property Company Solution:  The anodized aluminum cladding was cleaned, repaired and restored with our exterior oxidized anodized aluminum cleaning and stained anodized aluminum refinishing system. The anodized aluminum was restoration cleaned and the metal clad panels were coated with our anodized aluminum clear protective coating. With the anodized aluminum surfaces now clean, the coating will preserve and protect the anodized aluminum anodic layer from airborne and waterborne contaminants, sun and u.v. exposure and all around general weathering.

Ocean Front & Salt Water / Salt Air Exposed Stainless Steel Preventive Metal Maintenance

Cleaning salt water stained exterior stainless steel panels and washing salt off of stainless steel.

Condition:  The stainless steel metal siding panels on this new Pensacola, Florida oceanfront residence will be continually exposed to the sun, humidity, heat, salt water mist and corrosive salt air. All of these acidic, corrosive and caustic elements are a recipe for rust, oxidation and corrosion. In this damaging and corrosive environment the satin finish silver colored stainless steel clad siding panels will stain, pitt and rust in a matter of months. The owners wanted a stainless steel cleaning, washing and maintenance specification to keep the stainless steel metal clad building facade panels from staining, pitting and rusting.

York Property Company Solution:  They required that the stainless steel clad siding continually look new, clean and rust free. As stainless steel rust removal, stainless steel cleaning and stainless steel restoration specialists we specified the correct cleaning methods and materials to enable the on-site maintenance staff to keep the exterior stainless steel siding panels clean, protected, stain and rust free from the caustic environmental elements, salt air / salt water damage, waterborne and airborne pollutants and contaminants associated with an oceanfront residence.

Acid Etched & Oxidized Anodized Aluminum Window Frame Metal Refinishing

Cleaning chemical burned anodized aluminum metal and washing acid etched anodized aluminum metal window frames, sills and flashing.

Condition:  The dark bronze anodized aluminum window frames at this new construction project in Ft. Bragg, North Carolina were damaged, oxidized, scratched and stained during construction. The stucco contractor scratched the brown colored anodized aluminum when they were removing stucco overspray. When they tried to get the stucco off of the anodized aluminum they scratched the fragile anodized aluminum surface finish. The anodized aluminum new construction project was compromised by the oxidation, scratches, etching and stains.

York Property Company Solution:  The general contractor contracted us to clean, repair and restore the damaged and scratched bronze anodized aluminum window frames. We removed the scratches and white colored stains on the new anodized aluminum window frame sections as if they had not been scratched or damaged. The bronze anodized aluminum looked new and clean when the anodized aluminum construction cleaning and anodized aluminum scratch remover program was complete.

Cleaning Damaged Metal Window Frames & Acid Etched Metal Refinishing

Concrete, mortar acid etched anodized aluminum window mullion metal refinishing.

Condition:  The new commercial clear anodized aluminum storefront window frames and grand foyer curtain wall on the Performing Arts Center in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma were acid etched when rain water ran through the curtain wall extrusions during installation. Concrete, mortar and lime residue leached onto the unprotected silver / gray colored anodized aluminum surfaces. Unfortunately, the G.C. hired a contractor that compounded the problem by acid cleaning the anodized aluminum that etched the anodized aluminum extrusions even further.

York Property Company Solution:  The General Contractor retained us as an anodized aluminum construction cleaning expert to clean, repair and restore the damaged anodized aluminum storefront window frames and anodized aluminum curtain wall. They required that we repair the damage and return the anodized aluminum to the original color, satin sheen and gloss. We achieved this request using our anodized aluminum concrete and mortar removal construction cleaning restoration system. The anodized aluminum surfaces are now clean, repaired, refurbished and protected from further damage.

Restoring Acid Etched Metal Window Mullions

Acid etched metal, corroded metal and oxidized anodized aluminum metal refinishing.

Condition:  The anodized aluminum window frames, anodized aluminum skylight frames, anodized aluminum storefront window frames and anodized aluminum entrance doors on this low-rise commercial building facade in Houston, Texas were damaged, discolored, stained and acid etched by a construction cleaning contractor acid cleaning the brick above the anodized aluminum windows. The restoration cleaning chemical flash etched, acid burned and oxidized all of the silver metallic colored anodized aluminum window frames and they were no longer new, clean or in original condition.

York Property Company Solution:  The owner of the property demanded a remedy to renew, clean, repair and refurbish the stained and oxidized clear anodized aluminum to the original color, sheen and condition. Our anodized aluminum acid etching refinishing and anodized aluminum oxidation removal program allowed us to remove the acid etching stains and chemical burns from the surface finish of the clear anodized aluminum window frames. The anodized aluminum building facade window frames, skylight frames and entrance doors were cleaned, repaired, preserved and protected from any further damage from the elements and are now as good as new for many years to come.

Washing Stained Stainless Steel Metal Panels & Protecting Stainless Steel Metal from Salt Water Damage

We remove rust from stainless steel. Ask us how to get rust off of stainless steel surface finishes.

Condition:  The new stainless steel 24 gauge 304 2-B roof panels, stainless steel gutters and stainless steel down spouts on this Longboat Key, Florida oceanfront residence were contaminated, stained, oxidized and rusting. The stainless steel was not washed prior to it being shipped to the job site. Stainless steel manufacturing particulate and stainless steel fabrication debris was embedded in the stainless steel finish. When the stainless steel was exposed to humidity, salt water mist and corrosive salt air the iron oxide on the stainless steel surface discolored and started rusting. If the stainless steel was not cleaned immediately, the stainless steel surface finish would pitt and rust beyond repair.

York Property Company Solution:  The manufacturer requested that we clean and refurbish the Type 304 stainless steel roof panels, stainless steel gutters and stainless steel down spouts. As stainless steel rust removal, oxidized stainless steel refinishing and discolored stainless steel restoration specialists we removed the rust, washed away the damaging contaminants and got the corrosive stainless steel fabrication particulate out of the stainless steel finish. The stainless steel in now clean and rust free. The caustic and acidic materials that were embedded in the stainless steel finish were removed and the stainless steel is now protected from the caustic environmental elements, salt air / salt water, waterborne and airborne pollutants and corrosive contaminants.

Washing Corrosion off of Stainless Steel Metal Surface Finishes

Cleaning rust and corrosion off of stainless steel metal refinishing.

Condition:  After a few years of exposure to the sun and rain; rust, corrosion, oxidation and staining had overtaken the stainless steel statue finishes. A lack of stainless steel maintenance washing allowed the stainless steel finishes to weather, get damaged, corrode, oxidize and rust. The original stainless steel gloss and sheen had worn off and the stainless steel statues had a layer of corrosion that was unacceptable to the sculptor. The stainless steel statues needed to be renewed, polished and refinished to make the stainless steel statues shine with the original stainless steel satin finish and luster.

York Property Company Solution:  We were contracted by the sculptor to analyze the sun damaged, rusting and stained stainless steel statue finishes. With our analysis, testing and stainless steel remedial maintenance report the sculptor was able to implement a national long-term stainless steel cleaning, washing and maintenance program to clean, refurbish and protect the stainless steel finishes. The stainless steel surface rust, corrosion and staining was effectively removed and the statues are now clean, restored and protected.

Cleaning Alucobond Panels & Refinishing Clear Anodized Aluminum Metal Window Frames

Anodized aluminum Alucobond building panel cleaning, dirty Alucobond refinishing and Alucobond panel restoration.

Condition:  The exterior clear anodized aluminum clad building facade panels, anodized aluminum window frames and anodized aluminum entrance doors on this building in Toronto, Ontario were faded, stained, dull and oxidized. The anodized aluminum building looked dirty, discolored, streaked and was showing its age. For long-term integrity considerations the owners requested that we clean, repair and restore the damaged, bleached and scratched natural silver colored anodized aluminum clad paneling and anodized aluminum window frames.

York Property Company Solution:  The dirty anodized aluminum building facade cleaning and oxidized anodized aluminum restoration posed many challenges. We could not clean the anodized aluminum or work on the exterior of the building during regular business hours as we would obstruct the main entrance. The anodized aluminum building facade panels were restored over a long weekend to "like new". Our anodized aluminum oxidation cleaning, anodized aluminum scratch removal, weathered anodized aluminum restoration and anodized aluminum clear protective coating programs left the anodized aluminum cladding clean, restored and protected.

Removing Rust from Stainless Steel Metal Column Panels

Dirty stainless steel cleaning and stained stainless steel refinishing.

Condition:  The exterior polished stainless steel column covers on the ATI Technologies Inc. building were damaged, stained, visually displeasing and rusting. The stainless steel clad column covers were in need of oxidized stainless steel cleaning, stainless steel rust removal and stained stainless steel refinishing. Without this stainless steel rust removal program and stainless steel refinishing the exterior stainless steel column covers would degrade further to a point beyond repair.

York Property Company Solution:  ATI Technologies Inc. specified and chose our stainless steel metal refinishing system as the best course of action. Over a weekend, to not interrupt building activity, we cleaned, repaired and restored the stainless steel column covers to the original manufacturer's specification. Our spray applied clear protective coating will protect and maintain the integrity of the silver gray colored stainless steel cladding from airborne and waterborne caustic pollutants and contaminants.

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Architectural metal refinishing.

York Property Company provides high quality architectural metal cleaning, metal refinishing, metal restoration & metal maintenance. Our highly trained company technician's clean, repair, refinish & restore anodized aluminum, painted aluminum & stainless steel architectural metal surface finishes on-site.

With every metal restoration project we analyze the needs of our customers & develop a comprehensive metal maintenance program. This custom metal maintenance program ensures our clients architectural metal finishes remain looking their best for years to come.

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Metal building cleaning, washing metal buildings.

United States: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin & Wyoming.

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