Oxidized bronze anodized aluminum window frame cleaning firm.
Scratched brown anodized aluminum window frame refinishing business.
Cleaning stucco acid etched light bronze anodized aluminum window casing specialist.
Repairing acid burned anodized aluminum window sills.
New anodized aluminum window frame scratch removal, repairing anodized aluminum construction damage & cleaning stucco debris off of anodized aluminum window frames.
Oxidized bronze anodized aluminum window frame stucco removal.
Repairing bronze anodized aluminum construction damage.
Repairing damaged, oxidized, stained and scratched bronze anodized aluminum window frames with a stucco remover.
Remove scratches and concrete on anodized aluminum window frames with anodized aluminum construction cleaning, repair, damage and anodized aluminum oxidation removal programs.

Cleaning contaminated anodized aluminum window frames, anodized aluminum window frame maintenance washing, refinishing oxidized anodized aluminum window frames and anodized aluminum window frame restoration services.Contact the anodized aluminum construction cleaning, anodized aluminum stucco removal and refinishing specialists.
Repairing anodized aluminum new construction damage on scratched and stained anodized aluminum building facade window frames. Removing stucco, concrete and mortar from bronze anodized aluminum window frames.

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Case Study 14 - Anodized Aluminum Scratch Removal, Repairing Construction Damage & Removing Stucco Debris

Condition:  The dark bronze anodized aluminum window frames at this new construction project in Ft. Bragg, North Carolina were damaged, oxidized, scratched and stained during construction. The stucco contractor scratched the brown colored anodized aluminum when they were removing stucco overspray. When they tried to get the stucco off of the anodized aluminum they scratched the fragile anodized aluminum surface finish. The anodized aluminum new construction project was compromised by the oxidation, scratches, etching and stains.

York Property Company Solution:  The general contractor contracted us to clean, repair and restore the damaged and scratched bronze anodized aluminum window frames. We removed the scratches and white colored stains on the new anodized aluminum window frame sections as if they had not been scratched or damaged. The bronze anodized aluminum looked new and clean when the anodized aluminum construction cleaning and anodized aluminum scratch remover program was complete.

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"The positive attitudes, professionalism and cooperation of the York Property Company personnel; your project manager, superintendent and all other project support team members made what could have been a “nightmare project” a monumental success. The housing facility opened as planned and the quality and workmanship was exceptional."

"Our Superintendent commented that it was the best anodized aluminum remedial maintenance project he had ever seen. Congratulations on a job well done!”

Project Manager, Archer Western Contractors

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Bronze anodized aluminum window frame construction cleaning, repair and restoration.

Dark bronze anodized aluminum new construction cleaning and anodized aluminum finish repair.


Cleaning concrete off of bronze anodized aluminum window frames.

Clean, renewed and refurbished anodized aluminum surface finishes.


Anodized aluminum window frame construction cleaning.

Bronze anodized aluminum window mullion oxidized and acid etching refinishing.

Getting stucco and concrete off of anodized aluminum.

Anodized aluminum scratch removal.

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York Property Company provides high quality oxidized anodized aluminum cleaning, scratched anodized aluminum refinishing, stucco acid etched anodized aluminum restoration & acid burned anodized aluminum maintenance solutions. Our highly trained company technician's clean, repair, refinish & restore anodized aluminum architectural metal surface finishes on-site.

With every anodized aluminum restoration project we analyze the needs of our customers & develop a comprehensive maintenance program. This custom anodized aluminum maintenance program ensures our clients architectural anodized aluminum metal finishes remain looking their best for years to come.

Contact us today at 888.351.3682 and request an analysis of your buildings scratched, marred, scuffed and blemished exterior anodized aluminum metal finishes.  We will provide you a bronze anodized aluminum post construction cleaning, oxidized anodized aluminum surface reconditioning and anodized aluminum stucco, concrete and scratch removal recommendation.

We specialize in restoring oxidized bronze anodized aluminum window frames, refurbishing scratched anodized aluminum curtain wall window mullions, restoring oxidized commercial anodized aluminum window frames, refinishing acid etched anodized aluminum window frames and repairing scratched & damaged anodized aluminum window sills.

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