Cleaning Alucobond panels.

When metal gets dirty, soiled, scraped, scuffed or nicked we repair, refurbish, refinish and fix the metal surface imperfections.Contact us and let us show you how to restore the metal original look, refurbish metal acid burns, protect the anodized finish and preserve chemical stained metal surfaces while saving money in the long run.
We effectively clean, restore and refurbish metal color depth; remove oxidation, renew, rejuvenate and enhance metal gloss and bring back the natural luster & silver metallic sheen to metal finishes.

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Case Study 54 - Stained, Faded & Oxidized Metal Building Facade Cleaning & Refinishing

Condition:  This thirty-seven year old industrial building in Houston, Texas had dirty smog stained clear metal building facade metal panels, stained metal doors and faded black anodized aluminum window frames due to continuous exposure to the South Texas environment of heat, humidity, sun and u.v. exposure which caused the panels to age, deteriorate and bleach considerably. The exterior stained, sun faded, dull and oxidized natural colored metal panels, window frames and doors looked dirty, prematurely old and no longer clean. Facility management requested that the metal be cleaned, refurbished and protected from further damage.

York Property Company Solution:  This specific metal restoration project had many challenges as the industrial building was a depot for a large furniture manufacturing company and at all times during the day all fifty-two loading bays were in use. The exterior metal building components were cleaned, repaired and restored with our sun damaged exterior metal cleaning and oxidized metal refinishing system. The silver metallic Alucobond metal was restoration cleaned and the metal panels were coated with the specified clear protective coating. With the metal surfaces now clean, the coating will preserve and protect the anodic layer from airborne and waterborne contaminants, sun and u.v. exposure and all around general corrosive weathering.

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"Thank you for the magic you did on the hopeless condition of the clear metal facade on our two buildings here in Houston, Texas. Not only are we pleased with the results of the cleaning and finishing of the facade but we want to extend our appreciation and thanks to you and your crew that did an impossible job working around the trucks, ramps, dumpsters and the outside concrete repair contractor. It was a pleasure to see the effort and co-ordination that you put forth to keep our tenants and the other contractor on the job working together and happy to do whatever it took to do a professional job."

"We could not find anyone that could
restore our metal facade. The only recommendation that we had was to paint the metal facade. The president of our company refused to have the metal buildings painted because of continuous maintenance - in fact we were going to replace the entire metal facade unless we could find someone to do the proper job of metal restoration. We cannot thank you enough not only for your performance but also your ability to return our anodized aluminum to its original beauty and luster."

Vice President, Amega Corporation

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Oxidized, stained and weathered metal restoration.

Cleaning metal that is dirty, marred and contaminated. Restoring, refurbishing and preserving sun damaged / stained metal.

Repairing stained, faded, dull and oxidized metal building facade metal panels and metal window mullions.

Heat, humidity and u.v. exposure damage to metal required cleaning, metal refinishing and repair.

Oxidized metal panel restoration and acid etched metal window frame refinishing.

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York Property Company provides high quality acid stained metal cleaning, corrosive oxidation metal refinishing, scratched metal restoration & pollution contaminated metal maintenance solutions. Our highly trained company technician's clean, repair, refinish & restore architectural metal surface finishes on-site.

With every metal restoration project we analyze the needs of our customers & develop a comprehensive metal maintenance program. This custom metal maintenance program ensures our clients architectural metal finishes remain looking their best for years to come.

Contact us today at 888.351.3682 and request an analysis of your buildings stained, dirty and old metal clad spandrel paneling.  We will provide you a cost-saving weathered metal protection, sun damaged metal restoration and pitted metal preservation recommendation.

As experts in sun faded metal panel deep cleaning and dirty metal maintenance washing we teach our oxidized metal clients the correct methods to clean stained metal clad panels.

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