Anodized aluminum panels and anodized aluminum clad siding are damaged by sun / u.v. exposure, pollutants and corrosive acid rain. Anodized aluminum will oxidize when exposed to salt air, dirt and increasing amounts of waterborne & airborne contaminants.Anodized aluminum deterioration, fading, bleaching, staining, acid etching, oxidation, pitting, degradation and corrosion is evidenced by anodized aluminum gloss, sheen, color and finish failure on the surface of the anodized aluminum.
We have anodized aluminum refinishing programs and anodized aluminum clear protective coatings that clean, refinish, repair scratches, restore, protect and preserve exterior anodized aluminum colored finishes.

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Case Study 52 - U.V. Weathered, Aged & Dull Anodized Aluminum Building Facade Restoration Cleaning

Condition:  This clear anodized aluminum clad owner occupied commercial / industrial building in Houston, Texas was severely bleached, sun faded and oxidized from exposure to diesel exhaust, industrial pollution, corrosive acid rain, ultraviolet exposure and a lack of anodized aluminum remedial maintenance washing. Until management worked with us, they could not find anyone to clean, refinish or restore the damaged, stained and weathered anodized aluminum building facade metal panels. The anodized aluminum clad building was for sale and the anodized aluminum siding panels needed to be refurbished. The anodized color was bleached and the anodized metal sheen was dull. Building management refused to paint the building and were set on restoring the original finish of the clear anodized aluminum.

York Property Company Solution:  A York Property Company Technical Advisor assisted management with the anodized aluminum surface damage analysis and the correct oxidized anodized aluminum cleaning and sund faded anodized aluminum refinishing specification for the cleaning, repair, renovation and restoration of the anodized aluminum building facade metal panels. We refurbished, reconditioned and restored the anodized aluminum cladding as if it had not been stained, blemished or damaged. The anodized aluminum surface corrosion, oxidation and airborne particulate is gone and the gray silver colored anodized aluminum finish is renewed and clean. The anodized aluminum is now protected from automobile exhaust, weathering, sun and u.v. exposure, acid rain and pollution.

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"Thank you for the magic you did on the hopeless condition of the clear anodized aluminum facade on our two buildings here in Houston, Texas. Not only are we pleased with the results of the cleaning and finishing of the facade but we want to extend our appreciation and thanks to you and your crew that did an impossible job working around the trucks, ramps, dumpsters and the outside concrete repair contractor. It was a pleasure to see the effort and co-ordination that you put forth to keep our tenants and the other contractor on the job working together and happy to do whatever it took to do a professional job."

"We could not find anyone that could
restore our anodized aluminum facade. The only recommendation that we had was to paint the anodized aluminum facade. The president of our company refused to have the anodized aluminum buildings painted because of continuous maintenance - in fact we were going to replace the entire anodized aluminum facade unless we could find someone to do the proper job of anodized aluminum restoration. We cannot thank you enough not only for your performance but also your ability to return our anodized aluminum to its original beauty and luster."

Vice President, Amega Corporation

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Anodized aluminum that is pitted, scratched, oxidized, corroded, weathered, bleached, acid etched, chemically stained and damaged requires anodized aluminum cleaning and anodized aluminum refinishing to protect the anodized finish.

We get caustic calcium spots and acidic mineral deposit stains and residue off of anodized aluminum. When pollutants, acid rain residue and contaminants sit on the surface of anodized aluminum the anodized aluminum finish etch, bleach, oxidized, fade, deteriorate and fail over time.

We remove the anodized aluminum surface contaminants that eat away at the anodized aluminum anodic finish. When the acidic contaminants and stains are removed from the anodized finish the anodized aluminum is then protected with our anodized aluminum clear protective coating returning the natural color, sheen and luster.

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York Property Company provides high quality weathered clear anodized aluminum cleaning, oxidized anodized aluminum refinishing, corrosive acid etched anodized aluminum restoration & sun faded anodized aluminum maintenance washing solutions. Our highly trained company technician's clean, repair, refinish & restore anodized aluminum architectural metal surface finishes on-site.

With every anodized aluminum restoration project we analyze the needs of our customers & develop a comprehensive maintenance program. This custom anodized aluminum maintenance program ensures our clients architectural anodized aluminum metal finishes remain looking their best for years to come.

Contact us today at 888.351.3682 and request an analysis of your buildings bleached, marred, old, dirty and faded anodized aluminum clad paneling.  We will provide you an oxidized anodized aluminum cleaning, weathered anodized aluminum refinishing and oxidized anodized aluminum panel restoration recommendation.

With the anodized aluminum surfaces now clean, the clear anodized aluminum protective coating will preserve and protect the anodic layer from airborne and waterborne contaminants, sun and u.v. exposure and all around general corrosive weathering.

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