Stainless steel elevator cladding. Stainless steel fabrication and installation.
Removing scratches, rust and corrosion with stainless steel cladding / stainless steel capping.

Stainless steel cladding fixes damaged, dented, or unsightly stainless steel elevator doors. Deep-textured cladding, three dimensional metal cladding used in architectural, industrial and hotel / resort applications.Contact the stainless steel cladding, stainless steel capping and stainless steel elevator restoration specialists.
Stainless steel cladding replaces wood, laminates and veneers. Call the stainless steel cladding / stainless steel capping experts.

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Case Study 47 - Stainless Steel Elevator Cladding - Repair Scratched, Dented & Damaged Stainless Steel Elevators

Condition:  The interior wood veneered wall panels in the stainless steel elevator cabs at this Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Oceanfront Resort were scratched, stained, dented and damaged by luggage carts and non-stop abuse. As well, water had deteriorated and damaged the wood panels. Stainless steel cladding was the only viable option to repair and modernize the damaged wood panels. The durability and impact resistance made stainless steel cladding the best choice. As well, stainless steel cladding will not dent, stain or scratch the way wood or wood veneers do over time.

York Property Company Solution:  Resort Management contracted us to repair the damaged stainless steel elevator cab interiors by removing the scratches, dents and stains from the wood panels. The only cost effective way to achieve this was by cladding the wood panels with our #4 brushed stainless steel filler strips and our patterned stainless steel panels. Our on-site stainless steel installation system allowed us to keep the elevators down for only a few days. The stainless steel cladding added cleanliness and enhanced the beauty of the stainless steel cab interior. The stainless steel cab is now much easier to keep clean and will not be damaged by the luggage carts and constant use.

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Sea Crest Resort, Stainless Steel Elevator Cladding
We supply stainless steel standard mill produced finishes for both textured and non-textured, as well as specialty polished and embossed stainless finishes

Exterior stainless steel elevator cabs doors, interior stainless steel elevator cladding with right angles, flat, and radius cladding.

Patterned / stamped stainless steel adds strength, impact resistance, scratch resistence and the ability to hide scratches / graffiti.

Our textured metal stainless steel clad panel systems are attractive, durable, and easily installed.
Stainless steel cladding is durable, rust free, scratch resistent and easy to maintain.

Embossed stainless steel cladding panels and stainless steel extrusions simplify stainless steel cladding on-site installations.
We clad stainless steel interior doors of any size, style, finish or age with high-quality, durable and attractive stainless steel cladding. Dent and damage resistant stainless steel cladding.

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York Property Company provides high quality damaged stainless steel cleaning, scratched stainless steel refinishing, dented stainless steel restoration & stainless steel graffiti maintenance solutions. Our highly trained company technician's clean, repair, refinish & restore stainless steel architectural metal surface finishes on-site.

With every stainless steel restoration project we analyze the needs of our customers & develop a comprehensive maintenance program. This custom stainless steel maintenance program ensures our clients architectural stainless steel metal finishes remain looking their best for years to come.

Contact us today at 888.351.3682 and request an analysis of your buildings damaged, scratched, stained and scuffed stainless steel elevator finishes.  We will provide you a cost-saving stainless steel cladding, refurbishing, repairing, protection and preservation recommendation.

 If your stainless steel elevator cabs are rusting, scratched, damaged or dented contact us for affordable stainless steel cladding installation and renovations.

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