Oxidized and pitted anodized aluminum window frame capping / cladding.
Capping faded, oxidized and old anodized aluminum window frames / mullions.
Capping black anodized aluminum.
Capping bronze anodized aluminum.

Anodized aluminum window frame capping, installing caps on anodized aluminum window frames. We don't paint when we can install new anodized aluminum capping and cladding over the old window frames finish and make it look new again.Anodized aluminum door capping, anodized aluminum window mullion cladding and anodized aluminum extrusion on-site fabrication and installation.
We break anodized aluminum sheet stock to form anodized aluminum caps.

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Case Study 29 - Stained, Oxidized & Pitted Anodized Aluminum Window Frame Break Metal Capping

Condition:  The clear anodized aluminum window frames on this Ocean Front Resort in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina displayed severe discoloration, oxidation, staining, pitting and corrosion from thirty years of weathering and salt water / salt air damage. The clear anodized aluminum window frame finishes had lost the original sheen, gloss, color depth and luster. The resort owner wanted to renew, brighten and refurbish the anodized aluminum window frames; without painting or changing the color to black or bronze anodized. Class I anodized aluminum window frame capping would achieve the objective while protecting the exterior anodized aluminum finishes from weathering, salt, contaminants, hard water stains, mold, mildew and the corrosive damaging elements.

York Property Company Solution:  To meet our client's capping objective required shipping 7000 linear feet of new Class I anodized aluminum break metal sheet stock to the Resort. Our on-site technicians spent 5 months breaking the anodized aluminum into the correct capping shapes. The breaking of the anodized aluminum capping required precise measuring and field cutting to insure a perfect capping installation. Without painting, our pitted and oxidized anodized aluminum window frame capping system returned the anodized aluminum window frame factory finish to new and now protects the anodized finish from weathering, pitting, oxidation and corrosion. The anodized aluminum clad window frame finishes have the original satin sheen, silver gray color depth and metallic gloss and are protected from further sun & salt damage, oxidation and corrosion.

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Sea Crest Resort - Low Rise - North and South Side - Capping 58 Suites




Anodized aluminum capping removes old, dirty, worn, corroded and contaminated anodized aluminum window frames.

Anodized aluminum window capping achieves a a clean, contaminant free, renewed, refurbished and restored anodized aluminum window frame, sash and end caps.




New installed anodized aluminum break metal sheet stock capping protects the anodized aluminum anodic finish from oxidation, corrosion, weathering, sun damage and pitting.
Anodized aluminum capping protects and preserves the anodized aluminum from staining, bleaching and corroding. Anodized aluminum cladding finishes restore the anodized aluminum color, gloss, sheen and luster.

Capping anodized aluminum with break metal.

Covering oxidized anodized aluminum with sheet metal.

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York Property Company provides high quality pitted anodized aluminum cleaning, oxidized anodized aluminum refinishing, sun damaged anodized aluminum restoration & salt water damaged anodized aluminum maintenance solutions. Our highly trained company technician's clean, repair, refinish & restore anodized aluminum architectural metal surface finishes on-site.

With every anodized aluminum restoration project we analyze the needs of our customers & develop a comprehensive maintenance program. This custom anodized aluminum maintenance program ensures our clients architectural anodized aluminum metal finishes remain looking their best for years to come.

Contact us today at 888.351.3682 and request an analysis of your buildings calcium stained, faded, dirty and bleached exterior clear anodized aluminum metal window frame finishes.  We will provide you an anodized aluminum capping installation or anodized aluminum cladding recommendation to suit your specific needs.

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