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Oxidized anodized aluminum cleaning.
Chemical damaged anodized aluminum refinishing.
Stained anodized aluminum restoration.
Old anodized aluminum washing solutions.
Washing faded anodized aluminum window frames.
Restoring the natural color and sheen to anodized aluminum.
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Washing dirty anodized aluminum.

Oxidized anodized aluminum curtain wall cleaning, weathered anodized aluminum refinishing and pitted anodized aluminum clad panel restoration services.Restoring faded anodized aluminum, preserving old anodized aluminum and protecting anodized aluminum window frames.
Oxidized anodized aluminum curtain wall cladding, anodized aluminum siding and anodized aluminum panel restoration.

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Case Study 21 - Dirty, Faded & Oxidized Anodized Aluminum Curtain Wall Panel Restoration

Condition:  The dirty anodized aluminum curtain wall panels, faded anodized aluminum column covers and stained anodized aluminum window mullions had degraded from years of exposure. The anodized aluminum metal curtain wall, anodized aluminum ground floor storefront doors and anodized aluminum window frames were chemically damaged, etched, oxidized and discolored. The petroleum based window gaskets had degraded leaching an oily residue on the surface of the clear anodized aluminum. The new building owner wanted the anodized aluminum clad commercial building clean, restored and the black stains and oil residue removed.

York Property Company Solution:  Before we refurbished and restored the twenty-one storey anodized aluminum commercial curtain wall system the old and degraded window gaskets were replaced. Our oxidized anodized aluminum metal refinishing expertise allowed our technicians to clean, repair and restore the silver colored anodized aluminum surface finishes. Our anodized aluminum spray applied protective lacquer coating sealed the pores of the anodic finish. The anodized aluminum finish now has the original sheen, natural color and luster and will for years to come.

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"I have worked with York Property Company on several occasions and find them to be a reliable company with a sound knowledge base of the metal refinishing business."

Asset Manager, GWL Realty Advisors

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Cleaning, repairing and restoring damaged, dirty, faded and oxidized anodized aluminum curtain wall panels, anodized aluminum window mullions, anodized aluminum column covers and anodized aluminum ground floor storefront window frames and doors.

Restoring and refurbishing a sun / u.v. damaged exterior anodized aluminum curtain wall panel system, anodized aluminum window frame extrusion cleaning, repair and anodized aluminum restoration.

Old, dull, faded, bleached and aged anodized aluminum curtain wall restoration.

Anodized aluminum curtain wall restoration.

Cleaning, repairing, restoring, restoration and preservation of faded, pitted, acid etched, bleached, oxidized, sun / u.v. damaged and stained anodized aluminum.

Protecting, preserving, sealing, refurbishing, painting, maintaining, repairing and refinishing anodized aluminum curtain wall extrusions, anodized aluminum window mullions and anodized aluminum panels.

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York Property Company provides high quality oxidized anodized aluminum cleaning, chemical damaged anodized aluminum refinishing, silicone caulking stained anodized aluminum restoration & old anodized aluminum maintenance solutions. Our highly trained company technician's clean, repair, refinish & restore anodized aluminum architectural metal surface finishes on-site.

With every anodized aluminum restoration project we analyze the needs of our customers & develop a comprehensive maintenance program. This custom anodized aluminum maintenance program ensures our clients architectural anodized aluminum metal finishes remain looking their best for years to come.

Contact us today at 888.351.3682 and request an analysis of your commercial buildings stained, chalked, bleached, oxidized and faded exterior anodized aluminum metal finishes.  We will provide you a cost-saving natural colored clear anodized aluminum cleaning, faded anodized aluminum refinishing and oxidized anodized aluminum restoration recommendation.

We specialize in restoring oxidized anodized aluminum window mullions, dirty anodized aluminum clad panel cleaning, oxidized anodized aluminum window frame restoration, acid etched anodized aluminum panel refinishing and repairing scratched anodized aluminum window frames.

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