Our anodized aluminum new construction clients have us get paint overspray splatter off of anodized aluminum; remove anodized aluminum stucco contamination; sticky soap scum, remove concrete, grout, mortar and whitish cement residue; repair anodized aluminum scuffs; get out anodized aluminum dents and fix anodized aluminum scratches on new anodized aluminum surfaces.We restore anodized aluminum color depth, gloss, luster & silver metallic sheen; protect and preserve; stop anodized aluminum corrosion, environmental pollution, oxidation contamination, anodized aluminum discoloration.
York Property Company cleans, repairs, maintains, restores, paints and refinishes damaged, stained, pitting, dirty, rusting, scratched, faded and oxidized anodized aluminum, painted aluminum, painted steel and stainless steel.

Our anodized aluminum clear protective coatings refinish, renew, rejuvenate, refurbish, recondition, renovate, revitalize and restore dull, old, chalky, sun bleached, weathered, oxidized or faded anodized aluminum to like new original color, luster and mirror-like gloss and shine.
Damaging, corrosive, acidic and caustic environmental contaminants negatively affect anodized aluminum oxidation resistance, anodized aluminum corrosion protection and anodized aluminum surface preservation.
To protect exterior anodized aluminum surface finishes, anodized aluminum requires anodized aluminum cleaning and anodized aluminum preventive maintenance washing.
Anodized aluminum deteriorates with exposure to acid rain and pollutants; wind driven debris; wear & tear; damp conditions; chlorine, fog, moisture, heat and humidity; and weathering stains. We restore pitted, corroded, deteriorated and oxidized anodized aluminum finishes.
Anodized aluminum finishes are contaminated, discolored, tarnished and damaged by lime, gray mineral & white calcium deposit staining; green algae, black mold & mildew stains; chlorine, white efflorescence salt air corrosion & caustic salt water.
We specialize in anodized aluminum remedial maintenance, anodized aluminum restoration, anodized aluminum cleaning and anodized aluminum washing.

York Property Company Case Studies:

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Case Study 101 - Oxidized & Tarnished Historical Brass Plaque Refinishing

We are experts at oxidized anodized aluminum window frame cleaning, contaminated anodized aluminum cladding restoration, stained anodized aluminum storefront window frame remedial maintenance and mineral stained anodized aluminum clad panel refinishing.

>> View Case Study here.

Condition:  The historical brass plaque at the Bryn Mawr Trust Company in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania had oxidized and tarnished to the point that brass refinishing was required. The protective lacquer surface coating had worn off exposing the brass to the elements. This exposure tarnished and oxidized the brass finish. Our clients requested that the brass plaque look new again so on-site brass refinishing was specified to clean, refurbish and protect the brass finish.

York Property Company Solution:  The brass plaque refinishing, repair and restoration project was completed on the weekend while the bank was closed. After the brass was polished we spray applied a fresh coat of lacquer to protect the brass finish from damaging pollutants and contaminants. As brass refinishing experts we restored the degraded brass finish to like new and the brass plaque is now clean, restored and protected.

Case Study 102 - Painting Oxidized & Faded Commercial Painted Aluminum Window Frames

Anodized aluminum that is pitted, scratched, oxidized, corroded, weathered, bleached, acid etched, chemically stained and damaged requires anodized aluminum cleaning and anodized aluminum refinishing to protect the anodized
>> View Case Study here.

Condition:  The original clear coat factory finish on the exterior blue painted aluminum window frames had failed due to age, time,  ultraviolet U.V. sun damage, exposure and a lack of remedial maintenance washing and polishing. The paint finish was chalking, weathered, faded and oxidized losing it's gloss, luster and sheen. The owner could paint the window frames at great expense or wash and refurbish the original painted aluminum window frames. Cleaning and restoring the original factory paint finish was the most cost effective.

York Property Company Solution:  As commercial painted aluminum window frame restoration contracting specialists we cleaned, restored and refurbished the faded painted aluminum window frames without further damaging the painted surface finishes. We cleaned, repaired and restored the damaged and oxidized painted aluminum window frames with our faded paint cleaning and restoration system. After cleaning and refinishing the painted aluminum window frames were clean, protected from further damage, and good as new. The paint finish shined with the original gloss, luster and sheen.

Case Study 103 - Oxidized & Corroded Anodized Aluminum Clad Paneling Restoration Cleaning

We specialize at sun damaged anodized aluminum storefront window frame cleaning, bleached anodized aluminum window frame restoration, oxidized anodized aluminum cladding refinishing and dirty anodized aluminum panel maintenance.

>> View Case Study here.

Condition:  The faded anodized aluminum building facade panels and stained anodized aluminum window frames on this luxury condominium were weathered, bleached and oxidized. The exterior clear and black anodized aluminum did not look very good and the condominium board required the anodized aluminum metal panels and window frames be clean, restored and protected. The anodized aluminum silver color was weathered grey and was visually displeasing and in need of repair.

York Property Company Solution:  As aged, chalked, faded and u.v. sun damaged anodized aluminum building facade cleaning and weathered anodized aluminum restoration experts we cleaned, refinished and restored the clear anodized aluminum finish without damaging the fragile anodized surface finish. Our stained anodized aluminum cleaning and oxidized anodized aluminum restoration system refurbished the natural silver anodic original color and sheen to the aged clear anodized aluminum panels and black anodized aluminum window frame extrusions.

Case Study 104 - Painted Steel Statue Refinishing & Painting

We educate our clients that proper anodized aluminum cleaning, anodized aluminum maintenance washing, anodized aluminum refinishing and anodized aluminum restoration is vital to keeping anodized aluminum finishes protected.
>> View Case Study here.

Condition:  This painted steel statue is from the estate of the artist Keith Haring. The Keith Haring Foundation donated the "Figure on Dog" sculpture in 1992 to the Borough of Kutztown, PA; Keith Haring's childhood home town. Over the years the painted steel was vandalized with graffiti. The paint finish had faded. The steel was rusting and scratched.

York Property Company Solution:  The Keith Haring Foundation of New York City entrusted us as high performance painting contractors to paint and restore the painted steel sculpture removing the rust, graffiti, vandalism and scratches. We had to grind off the graffiti, rust and scratches, fill the voids and sand the entire statue smooth. The steel was primed and painted Imron red with our exterior painted steel refinishing system. The painted steel statue now stands restored, refurbished and reconditioned.

Case Study 105 - Refinishing Tarnished & Scratched Brass Entrance Doors

Stainless steel scratch removal. Stainless steel rust removal, cleaning, refinishing and damage repair. Get the stains and rust off stainless steel and get the pitts out of stainless steel.

>> View Case Study here.

Condition:  The brass clad entrance doors at the IBM Palisades Hotel and Conference Center in Palisades, New York had oxidized and tarnished to the point that brass refinishing was required. The old, sun damaged, u.v. weathered and faded clear lacquer wore out and was wearing off, cracking and peeling. The exposed architectural brass finish was tarnished, oxidized, and stained. The brass patina on the brass doors needed to be removed. On-site brass refinishing was specified to clean, refurbish and protect the brass surface finish.

York Property Company Solution:  The brass refinishing specification required that our field technicians get the failed lacquer off of the brass doors and remove the brown patina, oxidation, tarnish and stains. Our brass polishing expertise enabled us to remove the oxidation and corrosion. During the brass repair we spray applied a fresh coat of lacquer to protect the brass finish from the damaging elements, pollutants and contaminants. As oxidized brass refinishing experts the brass doors are now clean, restored and protected.

Case Study 106 - Restoring Faded Painted Aluminum Siding Panels

We are experts at oxidized anodized aluminum cladding cleaning, weathered anodized aluminum panel restoration, stained anodized aluminum building façade panel refinishing and faded anodized aluminum storefront window frame maintenance.
>> View Case Study here.

Condition:  The painted metal building facade siding panels were oxidized, chalked, faded and bleached. The paint finish lost the original color, sheen, luster and gloss. The paint surface looked old, dull and aged. Ownership wanted the painted aluminum siding panels to look new again. As well the painted panels had to be protected from the sun, wear and tear, u.v. exposure, pollutants and contaminants. They wanted the building facade panels clean, repaired and protected.

York Property Company Solution:  We were contracted to clean, refurbish and recondition the painted aluminum building facade siding panels as they were severely oxidized and faded. We had to clean, repair and restore the painted finish without causing any more damage to the painted aluminum metal panels. Our faded paint reconditioning and oxidized painted aluminum restoration system returned the painted aluminum clad siding panels to as good as new and now protects the paint from weathering and caustic elements.

Case Study 107 - Oxidized Aluminum Siding Cleaning & Restoration

Oxidized aluminum siding cleaning. Cleaning aluminum siding and corrosion prevention. We specialize at stained anodized aluminum panel cleaning, salt water pitted anodized aluminum building façade panel restoration and oxidized anodized aluminum window frame refinishing.

>> View Case Study here.

Condition:  The corrugated aluminum clad siding on this historical retail building in San Mateo, California was stained, weathered and severely oxidized from decades of exposure to the California sun. The aluminum siding panels were acid etched, bleached and the finish was uneven. The aluminum silver color was faded and satin sheen was dull. The building owner required our expertise to clean repair, renew and restore the aluminum building siding panels.

York Property Company Solution:  Working with the owner and an architect our Technical Consulting Division specified an aluminum siding cleaning, refinishing, maintenance and preservation solution. Ownership wanted the aluminum siding refurbished and the factory finish gloss and luster returned to the aluminum panels. We cleaned, repaired, resurfaced and restored the oxidized aluminum siding and spray applied a lacquer coating to protect the aluminum siding from corrosion, salt air, u.v. damage, pollutants, weathering and contaminants.

Case Study 108 - Cleaning & Refinishing Tarnished Brass Signage & Brass Letters

Rusting stainless steel restoration and stainless steel surface protection.
>> View Case Study here.

Condition:  The brass lettering spelling The Bryn Mawr Trust Company at this location in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania had oxidized and tarnished. The original, U.V. damaged and weathered clear lacquer wore off and exposed the underlying brass surfaces to the elements. The exposed brass finishes were tarnishing and oxidizing leaving the lettering visually displeasing. On-site brass refinishing was specified to clean, refurbish, repair and protect the brass surfaces from further damage.

York Property Company Solution:  The brass refinishing and restoration project was completed on the weekend while the bank was closed. After any trace amounts of the old lacquer was stripped, brass polishing removed the oxidation, corrosion and discoloration. After the polishing was completed we spray applied a fresh coat of lacquer to protect the brass finish from the damaging sun and waterborne contaminants.

Case Study 109 - Bronze Anodized Aluminum Window Frame Painting & Refinishing

Painting anodized aluminum window frames. Anodized aluminum cleaning, painting and refinishing. We specialize in anodized aluminum preventive maintenance, anodized aluminum refinishing, anodized aluminum power washing and anodized aluminum pressure cleaning.

>> View Case Study here.

Condition:  The exterior anodized aluminum window frames, anodized aluminum entrance doors and painted aluminum flashing was oxidized, pitted, stained, corroded and chemically etched. The dark bronze anodized aluminum horizontal window frames were so oxidized the anodic layer had worn off and the aluminum substrate was exposed. The contaminated condition of the window frames made the building look weathered. For long-term preservation the owners required the anodized aluminum be clean, restored, painted and protected.

York Property Company Solution:  To remove the corrosive contaminants and refurbish the damaged anodized aluminum we used two different anodized aluminum metal refinishing systems. We mechanically got the corrosion off and then restoration cleaned the stained, aged, dull and faded brown anodized aluminum doors, metal window frames and vertical window mullions. The anodized aluminum window frames and painted metal flashing that could not be refurbished or restored were painted to match the color, gloss and sheen of the restored and reconditioned anodized aluminum window frames.

Case Study 110 - Hard Water & Historical Anodized Aluminum Restoration Cleaning & Surface Preservation

We rejuvenate, renew and refurbish chalked, dull and faded factory applied powder coat finishes. We don't paint when we can refurbish the paint finish and make it look new again. Protect the painted aluminum paint finish from oxidation, corrosion, weathering, sun damage and pitting. We protect and preserve the paint from fading. We renew the paint finish restoring the color, gloss, sheen and luster.
>> View Case Study here.

Condition:  This anodized aluminum clad historical building in downtown Fayetteville, North Carolina was being renovated and transformed from a bank building to a multi-tenant location. The old anodized aluminum vertical extrusions were discolored, uneven, stained and in need of anodized aluminum restoration cleaning. The original anodized aluminum silver color had weathered a whitish gray and the anodized aluminum was oxidizing.

York Property Company Solution:  The General Contractor contracted us as oxidized and stained anodized aluminum refinishing experts to repair the anodized aluminum surface damage and remove the anodized aluminum oxidation. As specialists in historical anodized aluminum restoration we refurbished the old, gray and degraded anodized aluminum to a renewed, clean and protected condition.

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We are experts at cleaning anodized aluminum, washing anodized aluminum, pressure cleaning anodized aluminum and refinishing anodized aluminum.

York Property Company provides high quality architectural metal cleaning, refinishing, polishing, painting, restoration & maintenance. Our highly trained company technician's clean, repair, refinish & restore interior & exterior anodized aluminum, painted aluminum, stainless steel & brass architectural metal surface finishes on-site.

With every restoration project we analyze the needs of our customers & develop a comprehensive maintenance program. This custom maintenance program ensures our clients architectural metal finishes remain looking their best for years to come.

Contact us today at 888.351.3682 for nationwide service in the United States & Canada.

Our anodized aluminum refinishing systems beautify, clean, refinish, renovate, refurbish, maintain, repair and restore our clients anodized aluminum finishes.

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